Victoria SP Subgroup AGM

February 22 2018

  1. Welcome and Roll Call

Morgan Cranny (MC) called the meeting to order at 12:15pm. General welcome extended to all attendees and introductions.

Copies of agenda, last years AGM minutes and financial statements were distributed.

  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve by Bill Riel (BR) and 2nd by Greg Smith (GS)

Unanimous approval

  1. Approval and Adoption of Minutes of 2017 AGM

Motion to approve by Rob Price (RP) and 2nd by Kaz Shimamura (KS)

Unanimous approval

  1. Business Arising from Minute


  1. Report from the President

See attached.

Motion to accept approved by GS and 2nd by Brian Low (BR). Unanimous acceptance.

  1. Annual Financial Report

See attached.

Eric Neilson (EN) presented the Treasurers report.


  • expenses for Executive Meeting: executive would like to hold more frequent meetings than in the past.  No objections raised.
  • Monies are available to support related events – we want to increase engagement with members eg. Bike to work week, lunch and learns – both ideas and requests for support are encouraged
  • Other expense lines can be added to our budget – please submit ideas/requests.

Motion to accept by Chris West CW and 2nd by RP. Unanimous acceptance.

  1. Report of the Election Committee

Positions of Secretary and up to 3 Members-at-Large up for elections.  Nominations requested. 

Secretary: Katrina Johnston (KJ) acclaimed

Member at large: Kaz Shimamura acclaimed

Two member-at-large positions still open.

  1. New Business
  • Speaking notes from Strategic Bargaining Committee meeting summarized.
  • Bargaining survey in development – encourage all to complete.
  • Creation central table for certain issues such as they did with sick leave
  • New banner – PIPSC Nat’l will cover costs if we want MC to follow up.
  • New professional leave PowerPoint available – MC to follow up.
  • Date for our AGM:  Executive would like to ensure a date is established that helps to ensure as much participation as possible. Eric to look into what if any restrictions financially we have in picking a date.  Executive to review.
  1. Guest Speaker: Rob MacDonald, Regional Director BC/YT Region

  • Keeping issues in the media is key
  • -need to support capacity in workplace; harmonious workplace
  • Working to be able to use sick leave for domestic violence situations
  • Feb 28th rally downtown at 1230 Government St
  • May 16th Event being set up with Debi Daviau
  • SPs – another round of bargaining is coming up – extremely important to complete the surveys – unions must submit issues/items up front and cannot add later so early engagement and participation with members is important.
  • Some issues on the radar:  administrative burdens; pensions – must not take what we have for granted and stay vigilant.  Bill C27 is introduced. No consultation. Sanctity of agreements not preserved – no negotiations for renegotiation. Has not gone past 1st reading however.
  • Phoenix: PIPSC first union to set up a help line and offers interest free loans.  We cannot sue however there is a Policy grievance by PIPSC.  
    • If you do not get an answer in 21 days then file a grievance.
    • PIPSC website  - grievance policy forms and procedures.  Support is being given to Stewards so please speak to them.
  1. Adjournment

A motion to adjourn was made at by Bill Riel and 2nd by Andrew Dyk.