Greetings everyone,

We would like to let you all know that the new SP Group Executive Committee has been formed, here it is:

President – Bryan Van Wilgenburg (MT, ECC)

Vice-President – Marcel C. Beaudoin (SG-PAT, ISEDC)

Secretary – Leslie E. Nasmith (BI, DFO)

Treasurer – Sushil S. Dixit (PC, ECC)

Chief Steward – Kevin Jacobs (PC, DFO)

Sub-Group Coordinator – Michael Elliott (MT, ECC)

Communications Coordinator – Morgan M. Cranny (PC, NRCAN)

Delegate Coordinator – Ira Hill (BI, DND)

Membership Coordinator – Tanya Evans (SG-SRE, HEALTH)

Bargaining Team Coordinator – Enzo Barresi (CH, ECC)

Mobilization Coordinator – Nadia Roufaiel (BI, HEALTH)

Recognition Coordinator – Joanne Papineau (PC, ECC)

Parliamentarian – Sarah Marcil (MT, ECC)

Full details, including contact information, can be found at


Bryan Van Wilgenburg 


SP Group