Vancouver SP Sub Group Executive Meeting 

Date: Monday Oct 28 2019

Time:  17:30- 20:15

Location: Ricky’s Burnaby,  


Executive (term) :

Tanya Evans (to Jan 2020) - President

Denis Semail (to Jan 2021) – Vice President

Timothy Powers (to Jan 2020) - Treasurer

Kathy Kerr (to Jan 2021) - Secretary  

Eric Crawford (to Jan 2020) - Member at large - regrets

Jaqueline Oddi (to Jan 2020) – Member at large – regrets

Sammy Li (to Jan 2021) - Member at large 

Judy Harman (to Jan 2021) – Member at large


Guest:  Jennifer Wurz


  1. Call to Order @ 17:30 hr


  1. Approval of Agenda  -added “Succession Planning” to agenda – m/s carried (as amended)


  1. Approval of Draft Minutes of:  June 17 2019 Exec meeting –as corrected, by replacing ‘By laws” with “bylaws” –m/s carried

ACTION:  Secretary to request that PIPSC BC Regional office arrange for draft minutes of June 17 2019 Exec meeting be translated & posted on PIPSC website

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes:


4.1 Carry Over: Status of: Changes that were approved years ago by members at SP subgroup AGM, to be made to our subgroup bylaws. Those changes were submitted year ago to PIPSC bylaws Committee.  To date, there has been no response by the PIPSC bylaws Committee (to the requested changes).


4.2 PIPSC promotional items that were being stored by Karen Hall, have now been transferred to the Vancouver Branch Storage locker. There is a tent, table and PIPSC banner being stored as well. The storage locker is near to Renfrew & Boundary in Burnaby.


4.3 Labour Day event was successful.   A bean bag toss game was bought by our sub group and used at this event. The Executive expressed their preference for a location selected years ago, for the Labour Day, Swanguard stadium (near boundary road). And hope the Labour Day event returns to that location


  1. Treasurer’s report – Provided by Treasurer, m/s. Carried


  1. National and regional updates:


*BC Regional Stewards Council – Oct 18 & 19 2019;  The Council was very informative, well organized, and there were excellent presentations (at the sessions and by the guest speakers); and the panel was interesting and thought provoking;


*BC Region Basic Steward Training (Richmond, Nov 21-23rd);


*PIPSC National AGM (in Gatineau, Nov 8 – 9 2019);


  1. Vancouver Sub Group Activities for 2019:

Events held:

* Coffee on ‘do better’ campaign in April at Health Canada in Burnaby;

*Presentation (May 29 2019) by Elizabeth SP Bargaining Team at Ricky restaurant

*June 14 2019 Ice Cream truck for SP members (as part of Public Service week)

*Pride Parade: Mon Aug 5 2019, included march with multi unions. The rainbow colored beads necklaces, were well received.

*Labour Day – members of our Vancouver SP Subgroup and Vancouver Branch executives, jointly manned a PIPSC table at Jack Poole Plaza on Labour Day (Mon Sept 2 2019).  The sponsorship fee for the table, was paid by our Vancouver Branch. The Labour Day event was well attended even though the weather was very hot, and parking was expensive.

*Vancouver SP Sub Group AGM -  is scheduled for 4:30 pm Mon Jan 27 2020

In private room downstairs in White Spot on Dunsmuir Street


  1. Vancouver SP Sub Group AGM – Jan 27 2020 at White Spot on Dunsmuir Street


*Guest Speakers:

- Member of SP Group Executive ; and

- BC Yukon Regional Director, Rob MacDonald;



- new SP collective agreement;

- Workplace wellness in process of being negotiated (as replacement of existing sick leave);

- Update on Phoenix issues;

- Update on systems being examined (& tested), to replace Phoenix; 


*Chair, Elections Committee – Denis Semail;

- 4 members of our executive: terms expire at AGM in Jan 2020): Tanya, Tim, Eric, and Jacqueline


*Door Prizes: Survival Kits (Earthquake)


*Notice & Nomination form to be submitted by Treasurer, to our BC PIPSC Regional office, for translation & posting on PIPSC site, and email to our subgroup members;


  1. Business arising:


Motion for Jennifer Wurz, to be on SP Sub Group Executive (for up to the AGM in Jan 2020) Carried. Jennifer accepted. And noted that she enjoyed participating in tonight’s meeting; has applied to be a PIPSC Steward; and is signed up for PIPSC Steward Training.

  1. Succession Planning (for Executive) – deferred to next SP Sub Group Executive meeting for discussion
  1. Next Executive Meeting : To be at Ricky’s restaurant @ 5:30 pm on a Monday or Thursday in early Dec 2019.  (date to be finalized by Tanya)


  1. Adjournment @ 8:15 pm