DRAFT MINUTES of Annual General Meeting – Vancouver Sub-Group of SP Group, PIPSC
White Spot Restaurant, 405 Dunsmuir St. Vancouver
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 5:30- 8:40 pm

Simon Cowell, President, of our SP Sub Group gave a warm welcome to everyone.
Rob McDonald, Director BC /Yukon Region provided an update about PIPSC and the work being done by the BC Regional Executive.  Rob ended his presentation by encouraging members to become more involved with PIPSC.

Call to Order: @ 5:40 pm  
-    quorum present;
1)    Introduction:
-    SP Sub Group Executive (Present: Simon Cowell, President; Giselle Bramwell, Vice President; Timothy Powers, Treasurer; Stephen Hureau, Secretary; Kathy Kerr, Alternate Secretary; Sammy Li, Member at large. Regrets: Jennifer Hay, Member at large; Tanya Evans Member at large; )
-    Special Guests (Enzo Barresi, Vice-President, SP Group; and Karen Hall, President,            Vancouver Branch)
-    Elections Committee (Timothy Powers Chair); Tim Powers asked for volunteers to serve with him on tonight’s Elections Committee: Stephen Hureau & Karen Hall volunteered

2)    Approval of Agenda
-Motion to approve agenda; m/s K Kerr; G Bramell; carried unanimously;

3) Approval of Minutes of previous SP Sub Group AGM
-Motion to approve draft Jan 27 2016 minutes; m/s S Hureau; G Bramell; carried unanimously;

4) Business Arising from the minutes –
-    Simon Cowell submitted changes to By Laws (approved at last years SP SG AGM); and reported that he has not heard back from PIPSC By Law’s Committee yet; and will follow up on it;

5) Report of the President
    -S Cowell presented his annual report – to be posted separately to the PIPSC website (under our SP Sub Group);

First Call for Nominations by Elections Committee Chair: T. Powers
-    Chair, Elections Committee (T Powers) announced that one nomination form had been submitted for K Kerr; and then he made the first call for nominations; The following were nominated; S Cowell; J Hay; and S Li ; (the nominations were accepted); J Hay was absent but had asked someone to accept the nomination on her behalf.
6) Annual Financial report
    - Treasurer (T Powers) presented the 2016 financial report; and proposed 2017 budget;
    - Motion to accept 2016 financial report; m/s S Hureau; G Bramell; carried unanimously;
    - Motion to accept 2017 budget; m/s S Cowell; K Hall; carried unanimously;

Second Call for Nominations by Elections Committee Chair: T. Powers
-    Chair of Elections Committee (T Powers) made a second call for nominations; Following were nominated; Denis Semail; and Janice Boyd; (nominations were accepted);

Third Call for Nominations by Elections Committee Chair: T. Powers
-    Chair of Elections Committee (T Powers) made a third and final call for nominations; No further nominations were submitted;

7) Report of the Elections Committee
-    The 6 nominations received by the Committee are members in good standing; and appointed by acclamation;
-    The new Executive for the Vancouver SP Sub Group with their respective (2 yr) term of office are:

  • President – Simon Cowell (elected Jan 2017)
  • Vice President – Giselle Bramwell (elected Jan 2016)
  • Treasurer - Timothy Powers (elected Jan 2016) – Elections Committee Chair
  • Secretary - Stephen Hureau (elected Jan 2016)
  • Alternate Secretary – Kathy Kerr (elected Jan 2017)
  • Member at large – Tanya Evans (elected Jan 2016)
  • Member at large – Sammy Li  (elected Jan 2017)
  • Member at large – Jennifer Hay  (elected Jan 2017)
  • Member at large - Denis Semail; (elected Jan 2017)
  • Member at large - Janice Boyd; (elected Jan 2017)

8)    New Business
a)    Baljit (Bobby) Sekhon – Led a group discussion considering the possible Formation of a new subgroup for SP members located in the building at 401 Burrard Street Vancouver;

Guest Speakers/Presentations:
-    Karen Hall, President Vancouver Branch  - update on Vancouver area activities and planning;
-    Enzo Barresi, Vice-President, SP Group – outlined the proposed tentative collective agreement; (subject to ratification by members); and answered questions;

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm m/s: Li/Bramwell ; carried