Annual General Meeting – Vancouver Sub-Group of SP Group, PIPSC


Vancouver, BC (via Zoom)

Tuesday, September 28. 2021

7:00 pm drop in Q&A

7:30 pm meeting start

SP Sub Group Executive:

Tanya Evans (elected Jan 2020) - President

Denis Semail (elected Sept 2021) – Vice President

Timothy Powers (elected Jan 2020) – Treasurer

Kathy Kerr (elected Jan 2019) - Secretary  (regrets)

Sammy Li (elected Jan 2021) - Member at large

Eric Crawford (elected Jan 2020) - Member at large

Judy Hartman (Elected Jan 2021) – Member at large (regrets)

  1. Confirmed quorum present and Call to Order @ 7:30PM. Approximately 12 members were present, including the executive members Tany Evans (|President), Denis Semail (Vice President), Timothy Powers (Treasurer), Sammy Li, and Eric Crawford. 
  1. Approval of Agenda  -m/s - Carried 
  1. Approval of Draft Minutes of:  SP Sub Group Jan 27 2020 AGM (accepted without revisions) – m/s - Carried
  1. Business Arising from the Minutes:  None 
  1.  Report of the President – 

Tanya Evans delivered the presidents report, which included: 

  • Appreciation of members patience holding the AGM virtually during COVID. 
  • Welcome ideas for local events and activities.
  • SP bargaining team has been established.
  • Reminder to comment on upcoming bargaining surveys on issues that are important to you.
  • Current collective agreement expires Sept 2022.
  • Payments have been made to members for late implementation of the collective e agreement. 
  • Next generation pay system is undergoing testing. 

Motion to accept President’s report– m/s – carried

  1. Annual Financial report:

Prior to this meeting Tanya Evans provided AGM participants PDF copies of the following financial documents, prepared by Vancouver SP Sub Group Treasurer Tim Powers: 

  • “Financial Statement – Jan 1 to Dec 31 2020”
  • “2021 Budget”
  • “Financial Statement – Jan 1 to Dec 31 2021” and 
  • “2022 Budget” 

Tim Powers reviewed the financial documents. 

* Motion to accept the Financial Statement – Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2020  m/s; Carried 

* Motion to accept the 2021 Budget m/s: Carried 

* Motion to accept the Financial Statement – Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2021  m/s; Carried 

* Motion to accept the 2022 Budget m/s: Carried 

Tanya Evans made a final call for nominations from the floor. 

  1. Guest Speaker – Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald, Regional Director for BC/ Yukon, gave a talk that highlighted the following:

  • Reflections on the past year and the challenges, including organizing union related events. 
  • Self care, leadership, and personal development.
  • Upcoming annual Stewards Council meeting in October.
  • Call for stewards.
  • PIPSC is planting trees in Coquitlam on Oct 30th and all members are invited to join. 
  • National AGM’s.
  • Health and safety forum in December.
  1.  Report of Elections Committee:

Tanya provided the report of the Elections Committee:

(1) The following members were acclaimed at tonight’s meeting (September 2021):

Denis Semail  

Kathy Kerr 

Sammy Li

Judy Hartman

(2) The the new Vancouver SP Sub Group Executive (as of tonight’s AGM) is the following members:

Tanya Evans (elected Jan 2020) 

Denis Semail (elected Sept 2021) 

Timothy Powers (elected Jan 2020) 

Kathy Kerr (elected Sept 2021) 

Sammy Li (elected Sept 2021) 

Eric Crawford (elected Jan 2020)

Judy Hartman  (elected Sept 2021) 

Tanya Evans will contact the new Executive for date & location of the first meeting of our sub group Executive. 

  1. Guest Speaker – Norma Domey

Norma Domey, PIPSC National Vice President, gave a talk that highlighted the following: 

  • Stewards training will be updated in the new year.
  • Equity diversity and inclusion training. 
  • Proof of vaccination for PIPSC events is required.
  • COVID-19 vaccination requirements for federal workers.
  • Next generation workplace.
  • Phoenix.
  1. Adjournment @ 8:30PM