Minutes - June 1st, 2022, 5:00 PM

 Eastern Quebec SP Sub-Group Annual General Meeting

In attendance:

  • Andréanne Demers - President
  • Audrey Pilon - Vice President
  • Denis Bernier - Treasurer
  • Marc-André Poirier - Secretary
  • Nathalie Forget - Director
  • Jean-Luc Shaw - Director
  • Marie-Michèle Bourassa - Participant
  • Nelly Tremblay - Participant
  • Sonia Robert - Participant
  • Rebecca Meloche - Participant
  • Andrew Smith - Participant

Myriam Bourgeois - Manon Laliberté - Yves Clermont were absent and were not represented.


  1. Opening Remarks

Start of the AGM at 5:00 pm.

  1. Agenda Review and Approval

Agenda unanimously approved.

  1. Approval of last AGM minutes

Andréanne D. reviewed the 2020 minutes.

Minutes unanimously approved.

  1. Financial Report

Denis B. presented the financial report. The sub-group contacted the union in Ottawa once again regarding the allocation of funds for 2021, as the sub-group had not received them.

Financial report summary:

  • Revenue: $9.72;
  • Expenditures: $1036.58;
  • Deficit $1026.86;
  • Account balance as of December 31, 2021: $1444.19.

The only expense in 2021 was that of the April quiz which consisted of door prizes and contribution prizes for the use of the Mentimeter license.

The sub-group also made a $500 donation to the Workplace Charitable Campaign.

Usually, the AGM minutes and financial report are submitted and the sub-group receives an allocation shortly thereafter. In theory, the allocation of funds is proportional to the number of members, but that could mean either the number of regular members or the number of regular members + Rand members.

Denis B. moved to approve the 2021 financial report for the sub-group and Jean-Luc S. seconded the motion. The financial report was unanimously approved.

  1. President's Report

Union coffee break - Lunch n' Learn was held.

Examples of topics that Andréanne D. will talk to the directors about twice a year.

A quiz had been held the previous year with approximately 20 participants. The activity was appreciated and there were many questions. Another quiz was being considered on the subject of ongoing negotiations.

Andréanne D. attended the meeting for the negotiations.

A survey was conducted to determine the needs of the membership ahead of the next agreement. The aim of the survey was to learn about member concerns.

Bargaining teams are union volunteers and diverse teams are sought in order to represent the entire membership. Approximately 10-12 people are stewards.

Salaries are not discussed at the same table (there are probably different people in the groups) as the other conditions in the agreement. The group Andréanne met with discussed all working conditions except salaries.

It should be noted that the government may influence discussions, as they have an impact on inflation. Some unions want an adjustment for inflation.

Prior to the negotiations, the bargaining team will make a proposal based on the survey. The survey was not user-friendly due to its complex vocabulary. Implications were considered difficult to understand for those not involved in the bargaining talks.

The joint survey was held in the fall of 2021 while the SP Group survey was held in the winter of 2022. The DFO is represented in the survey, as is ECCC. Priorities revealed by the survey, in order of precedence, were salaries, teleworking, flexibility and time off. Workloads, family care and gender equity were also frequently posed issues. Responses were similar from region to region.

The bargaining team incorporates priorities and realities into the proposal. It then submits the proposal. It should demonstrate the reasons for the proposal (relevant numbers, the definition of family to be reviewed being included in the examples used). Only the items in the initial proposal are addressed in the negotiations; new ideas are set aside for the next bargaining agreement.

Two professional negotiators are hired for the bargaining team. During negotiations, the bargaining team and the employer's representatives meet in person. During this meeting, the Treasury Board takes notes and later returns with a response and the points discussed outside the meeting, as these representatives have no decision-making power.

It is always possible to review certain decisions depending on what is discussed and the initial negotiations. Everything remains confidential until an agreement is reached.

The notice to bargain is scheduled for June 2 (tomorrow), which is when we enter into negotiations for 6 months.

There was a discussion about union options in the case of deadlocked negotiations. The survey conducted favoured arbitration over conciliation during a strike (with a mediator present), as there is no major issue that would lead to a strike.

The PIPSC and the Alliance have a good relationship and can negotiate common ground. The Central Table gathers all teams and all items are negotiated there.

There are also plans to discuss the right to disconnect, as it is problematic when employees are contacted outside working hours. Teleworking makes it possible to check email at later times and contributes to this issue. Diversity, inclusion and harassment will also be discussed.

Regarding sick leave, an agreement was almost signed with the government, but a new person was assigned to the Treasury Board and rejected the union’s three conditions.

Other minor proposals, such as reducing the 8-year seniority requirement for a 4th vacation week, more flexible unpaid leave, and chronic illness issues will also be included in the negotiations.

As a sub-group, we need to carry out activities to show our support for the bargaining team (Andréanne asked that ideas be sent to her or to another member of the executive). Any member of the Board may carry out an idea.

The workshop with the union-management group could be held at a location that speakers could be invited to, as has been done in the past at a Quebec City hotel.

  1. Elections

New Board:

Andréanne Demers, President

Nathalie Forget

Rebecca Meloche

Marc-André Poirier, Treasurer


Sonia Robert

Jean-Luc Shaw

Nelly Tremblay

Denis Bernier

  1. End of the meeting

7:25 pm.