SP 501 University Crescent PIPSC sub-group Executive Meeting


Date: 28-June-2021 at 1:00-2:00pm CST

TEAMS Meeting


In attendance: Kevin Jacobs (President), Jody Willis (Vice President), Sheila Atchison (Treasurer) and Chandra Rodgers (Secretary)

Regrets: None

President updates:

  • Attended PIPSC Virtual AGM meeting recently for Day 1 occurred December 5, 2020, day 2 occurred on June 5, 2021.
  • Provided some clarification around the structure of PIPSC committees.
  • SP group elections took place recently and we have a new subgroup coordinator (Michael, ECCC) and a new president (Brian Van Wilgenburg, ECCC-NCR). SP Group Executive can be found here https://pipsc.ca/groups/sp/executive
  • Collective agreement coming to an end again in September 2022. PIPSC is in the process of putting together a bargaining team
  • SP group will send out a survey to see what PIPSC members are looking to see in their next agreements. There is typically also a conference to talk about strategy that the membership can apply to attend. (Note from Jody: if there is a fall election, bargaining will be put on hold).
    • Not sure if it will be a central table again or if separate groups will be negotiating salary increase separately.
  • Some PIPSC representation on the ‘Beyond Covid’ return to work initiatives. Some questions regarding regional adaptability of directions coming from NHQ.
  • Travel policy is going to be reviewed; they were looking for 3-5 members that travel quite a bit to review that but it might be going through review now.

Subgroup AGM: AGM passed a resolution to follow local regulations on in-person meetings. Could possibly have meeting in September 2021 depending on restrictions around that time.

Subgroup consensus: We will wait for now to see how restrictions play out over the next few months before planning an AGM.

Budget: we receive an annual allotment of funds from PIPSC for our sub-group. To open our bank account we need to sign our signature cards and mail in photocopies of our IDs.

Action Item: Kevin will request new signature cards closer to when we get back to the office.

Action Item: Kevin to look into if funds roll over into the next fiscal year if money was not spent the previous year (e.g. during covid-19).

Executive positions: Sheila joined FWI PIPSC sub-group executive recently as Treasurer position this year, Chandra is the Secretary.



Action Item: Everyone to add items to newsletter ideas: