SP 501 University Crescent PIPSC sub-group Executive Meeting


Date: 29-Sept-2021 at 1:00-2:00pm CST


Location: Brazen Hall Restaurant

In attendance: Kevin Jacobs (President), Jody Willis (Vice President), Sheila Atchison (Treasurer) and Chandra Rodgers (Secretary)

Action Items & Status from previous meeting:

Action Item: Kevin will request new signature cards closer to when we get back to the office.

Status: Signature cards were signed at this meeting. Kevin to submit this form to the bank to complete the set-up of our FWI Subgroup bank account.

Action Item: Kevin to look into if funds roll over into the next fiscal year if money was not spent the previous year (e.g. during covid-19).

Status: No updates to date; to discuss at next meeting.

Action Item: Everyone to add items to newsletter ideas:

Status: Recent newsletter was translated and posted on the FWI Subgroup website on October 13, 2021. Adding new items to the newsletter topics list will remain a continuing action item.

Bargaining Team

PIPSC bargaining team has been receiving applications. We expect that there will likely be no central table this year. Discussion of App.


Teleworking conversations are happening now. There is a Return to the Workplace Working Group that has been having discussions around our safe return to the office, and teleworking arrangement for those wanting to work from home in the future.


The Union is in favor of vaccination requirements with certain exceptions (e.g. medical exemptions). For in-person events, it will be expected that attendees provide proof of their vaccination.


Catch-up payments as a result of the Phoenix pay system damages should now be paid out for all PIPSC employees. Moving forward, SAP is being considered as a new pay system but has not been decided on yet.

Maternity Leave

For the extended maternity leave option, employees used to be required to pay both the employer and employee contributions of the pension for any extended period of leave past 12 months. Now, employees only need to pay for the employee portion of pension on extended leave past 12 months, the employee portion will be covered.


Planned for November in Ottawa. Kevin will plan to attend. Others can feel free to apply for either an in-person spot or a virtual one.

Subgroup AGM

The FWI executive committee will plan to have a FWI Subgroup AGM in the Spring 2022 when people are back in the office & when the weather is nice enough to have a meeting outdoors. Will aim to get a speaker from the bargaining team to share some insight on the bargaining process, answer questions and for FWI members to share what they’re interested in seeing in the new collective agreement