50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

Minutes for executive meeting #7

November 13th, 2019 – 12:00 to 1:00 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Mary Murphy, Céline Fletcher, Mazen Hijazi, Akid Azfar, Hassan Bayaa, Maria Salazar, Reginald Linco,

Absent: Mary Murphy, Adel El Hamad


Opening of meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting approved.

50 Victoria Street subgroup AGM

Preparation for the upcoming 2019 AGM on 18th November was discussed and duties assigned to executive members.


Date - 18th of November

Location - 24-D (Use of 24-D has been approved by ISEDC LR)


Posters – Akid (done)

Email to members regarding AGM - Marcel. Will send to PIPSC for distribution (done)


Food - Mazen to order from Les Flavoureux (in progress)


Wiki/signup sheet – Reg (done)


Topics –


  • Introduction
  • Call for Celine or Maria to explain member at large
  • Call for interest in positions on Executive
  • Report on activities during the year:
    • L&L on Bargaining
    • Coffee drop in sessions
    • SP AGM
  • EWSP
  • Collective Agreement
    • Pay
    • Retro pay
    • Parental Leave
  • Stewards
    • Help members
    • Need diversity
    • Training provided
    • As much time as you want to spend
    • Can choose who you want to help or not
    • Can work at home/remotely

Reginald Linco – Report on sub-group presidents meeting.


For all - Everyone to think of questions and information they think people will need to know before volunteering as a steward and forward to Marcel.


Election - Reg to act as elections committee. The following positions up for election (exact number of member- at-large positions to be confirmed – Action Marcel):


  • President – Marcel Beaudoin, elected in 2017, up for election
  • Vice-president – Jay Fothergill, elected in 2017, up for election
  • Treasurer – Mary Murphy, elected in 2017, up for election
  • Member-at-large – Adel El Hamad, elected in 2017, up for election
  • Member-at-large – Mazen Hijazi, elected in 2017, up for election
  • Member-at-large – Akid Azfar, appointed 2018, up for election



Ensure room for AGM is setup - Marcel. Ensure request for microphone setup is done as well (done, email sent out)


Mary to ensure copies of budget report is available at AGM.


Ensure conference call information - Marcel to get information from Diane and include information in PIPSC AGM email to members (done).


Draw for promotional items from list of members who signed up on WIKI page (Reg to print out the list prior to AGM).

Round Table

  • Discussion on upcoming PIPSC general AGM.

Next Meeting

Reg is to arrange a date in New Year 2020.