50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

Minutes for executive meeting #1

February 20th, 2019 – 12 to 1 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Mary Murphy, Celine Fletcher, Mazen Hijazi, Maria Salazar, Adel El Hammad, Reginald Linco and Akid Azfar


  1. Discussion on SP AGM being held on 6 April 2019 

Discussed cost of possibly sending an observer @$1100-$1200.


2. Bargaining drop-in sessions

  1. Date proposed 21 March 2019, 9:30-10:30, Marcel to answer any questions, Action: Marcel to ask if Waheed/Anne available. 
  2. Posters add note about “Do Better campaign” – Action: Maria
  3. Send out email regarding drop in session– Action: Marcel 
  4. Coffee/Timbits for drop in session – Action: Jay
  5. Confirm with Shelley Melanson about funds, materials for Do Better campaign – Action: Jay 


3. Bargaining L&L sessions

  1. Confirm if Bryan Van Wilgenburg, SP Group Bargaining Chair is available sometime around 17 or 24 April 2019. Preferred date 17th April 2019. Action: Marcel to confirm date.
  2. Confirm availability date for Room 24D – Action:  Marcel 
  3. Setup Wiki page (Note: indicate that members can ask questions on bottom of wiki page ahead of L&L or email to Marcel during L&L and we will try to answer them) – Action: Reg
  4. Posters for Bargaining L&L – Action: Maria and Adel 
  5. Food for Bargaining L&L – Action: Mazen and Adel 
  6. Email for Bargaining L&L – Action: Marcel 
  7. Ensure Teleconference account is available for Bargaining L&L – Action: Celine
  8. Slides for Bargaining L&L – Action: Marcel 



4. Visibility/promo items discussion

  1. New stand-up poster will be available @ SP AGM in April. Just has to be picked up and brought back to Ottawa form Montreal. Will be discussed amongst delegates chosen to go to the SP AGM on how to transport it back.
  2. Distribution of visibility/promo items will occur during L&L sessions. Action: Mary to send Maria list of items too update the L&L poster; and 
  3. Indicate in L&L poster: “Members have to be present to receive certain items drawn”. Action: Maria


5. Round Table

  1. NCR council delegate call, what is it and worth going?
  2. Any feedback regrading the “break resolution” 
  3. Another person required for cheque signing authority – Jay is the another signing authority
  4. Clean-up old posters/bulletins and give them to Marcel – Action: everybody
  5. Motion to add Akid Azfar as member at large for 1 year: motion by Marcel, seconded by Celine, all approved.
  6. Confirm if Debi Daviau is coming Monday to help out with respect to the “Do Better campaign”. Action: Akid to confirm and send email to everybody about it.


Next meeting date not discussed but will send out email regarding this to the sp sub-group execs, and propose a tentative date after the Bargaining drop in session and before the Bargaining L&L session. Action: Reg