50 Victoria St. Subgroup Executive Meeting Jul 27, 2022

Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Céline Fletcher, Hassan Bayaa, Reginald Linco, Adel ElHamad, Mary Murphy, Akid Azfar


Order of business

1.      Approval of agenda

2.      Changes to Previous minutes

a.      Need to fix date from May 25th to June 23rd

b.      “Stewart” needs to be changed to “Steward”

3.      Items from previous minutes

a.      Official announcement of Akid being a steward has been sent – name has been added to the PIPSC website. Note: PIPSC Stewards are not limited to representing a Group or Region or sub-Group, they can represent any PIPSC members.

b.      Reimbursement of at-home meals

                                                    i.     We can submit receipts for getting meals at home during virtual union meetings, and get reimbursed

                                                   ii.     Exact reimbursement process yet to be clarified – option 1 would be to send receipts to Mary and get a cheque; option 2 would be to submit expenses through Concur and get reimbursement from PIPSC

                                                  iii.     Action item – Marcel to clarify reimbursement process from PIPSC, as well as clarification on whether these meetings are Exec meetings only, or any union related meetings, such as Lunch & Learns

4.      Union space in commercial level

a.      We will continue to use the space C105

b.      If that space is not available, another space will be given

c.      We have asked CIPO Projects Manager to ensure we have a space before Security desk (easier to bring in external people to the building for meetings and such)

5.      Info on Mandatory Racism training

a.      Self guided training

b.      Live session on Zoom later in the year

c.      Trainings will be done in waves

d.      Same session for all attendees

e.      Everyone will have a sign-up link at some point to do the training

6.      Sending observer to PIPSC AGM

a.      Hassan will be attending the AGM as a sponsored observer

b.      Marcel and Akid attending as delegate

7.      Bargaining update

a.      We have submitted demands to the treasury board

b.      Being translated, then will be shared with the membership

c.      Treasury board wants to do a virtual meeting but we are asking for in-person meeting to have effective bargaining negotiations

d.      Placeholder for WFH in the demands – we want to have something in the Collective Agreement

e.      Our CEO has committed to maintaining the pre-pandemic WFH agreements

f.       We want to ensure that any WFH items that are put in the CA don’t take away the WFH flexibility we currently have

8.      L&Ls – pushed to next meeting

9.      50 Victoria AGM

a.      Dec 7th, 12pm, tentatively

b.      Space and food plans contingent on having access to 24th floor

c.      Action item 1 – Marcel to ask Virginie whether we will continue to have access to 24th floor space, especially for union related events

d.      Action item 2 – Marcel to get clarification on food cost reimbursement for members if we hold a virtual AGM

10.   Next meeting – Wed, Sept 14th, 12pm

11.   Round table

o   Action item – Reg will check to make sure all meeting minutes have been sent to the PIPSC office for translation