50 Victoria Street SP sub-group

Minutes for executive meeting

May 27th, 2021 – 12 to 1 pm


Present: Marcel Beaudoin, Jay Fothergill, Mary Murphy, Celine Fletcher, Maria Salazar, Adel El Hamad, Hassan Bayaa and Reginald Linco

Absent: Mazen Hijazi and Akid Azfar

Opening of meeting – Approval of Agenda


  1. Approval of March 18th, 2021 executive meeting minutes
  2. Action items from last meeting
  3. Gift cards
  4. Email from Norma
  5. Carry-over of monies
  6. SP Executive Committee elections
  7. PIPSC 2020 AGM Part 2
  8. SP AGM (in person or virtual)
  9. SP AGM – Motion I plan on submitting
  10. Subgroup AGMs ban lifted
  11. Round Table
  • No objections to Agenda.
  1. Approval of March 18th, 2021 executive meeting minutes
  • Minutes of the previous meeting approved by all.
  1. Action items from last meeting
  • No action items from previous meeting
  1. Gift cards
  • Feedback required from PIPSC finance on approval for large number of gift cards (not sure if its feasible): Action: None, see Round Table discussion below.
  • Discussed how to best engage new examiners (over the last two years) besides the ones undergoing training. Decided on sending out a general email to all members but targeting new examiners on meeting with sub-group executives virtually (probably using Google Meet). Action: Maria to draft the email.
  1. Email from Norma Domey
  • Dealt with at PIPSC executive level (doesn’t really affect at the sub-group level)
  1. Carry-over of monies
  • A hard no, there will be no monies carried over from 2020 budget to 2021 budget.
  1. SP Executive Committee elections
  • New members have been elected and are in the process off taking over from previous members.
  • SG-PAT position was eliminated and replaced with an extra NCR position (previously an SG-PAT position on the SP Executive Committee had been created to deal with the terminal allowance issue but since that issue has been resolved, the SG-PAT position was no longer required).
  1. PIPSC 2020 AGM Part 2
  • This will take place on June 5th 2021 with possibility of extending into Sunday June 6th 2021.
  • One large piece of feedback after Part 1 of the PIPSC AGM was a sense of confusion over what was going on and disappointment in a lack of a way for delegates to ask questions or get clarification. To that end, the SP Group Executive Committee has created a virtual Slack Workspace where delegates can easily ask questions and get answers (Marcel to host this workspace).
  1. SP AGM (in person or virtual)
  • SP AGM will be virtual
  1. SP Group AGM – Motion I plan on submitting
  • Marcel to bring forth a motion that future SP Executive meetings (in-person) take place when large gatherings occur (i.e., AGMs, etc..), otherwise have virtual meetings; and discuss increasing the number of members who can attend meetings virtually (but are not classified as delegates or observers). 

10. Subgroup AGMs ban lifted

  • Plan on holding a fall AGM (Oct.-Nov. timeframe)
  • Ask PIPSC do we still ignore elections as some members of the subgroup executive 2yr tenure is finishing/finished. Action: Jay.
  • Check if any other PIPSC meetings are occurring in the fall (Oct.-Nov. timeframe) that might interfere with the subgroup AGM as some members of the subgroup executive might not be able to attend. Action: Hassan.
  • Think of a guest speaker we should ask to present at the AGM. Action: everyone.

11. Round Table

  • Discuss at next meeting on ideas on spending monies as per 2021 budget.
  • Instead of gift cards as discussed earlier, check what products (@$25-$45 range) are available on the PIPSC e-store and discuss these as door prizes at next meeting. Action: Adel to check what products are available and bring a list of products as door prizes.
  • Question regarding on applying 698 to COVID related vaccination.
  • Question on when are we getting the $1100 monies as a result of the PSAC collective agreement? Action: Marcel will send an email out whenever he finds any information.


Next Meeting

  • This was not discussed at meeting but Secretary will send out a meeting request. Action: Reg