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SP Executive Meeting / Rencontre de l’exécutif SP

June 7, 2019 / 7 juin 2019

Presence / Absence --- Présences / Absences

Leslie Nasmith (ATL)


Ann Therriault (NCR – RCN)


Elizabeth Ptasznik (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)


Steven J. Colwell (BC/YUK – CB/YUK)


Enzo Barresi (ONT)


Sushil S. Dixit (NCR – RCN)


Blaine Lowry (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)


Suzelle Brosseau (PIPSC – IPFPC)


Marcel C. Beaudoin (NCR – RCN)


Donald Lefebvre (NCR – RCN)


Michael A. Forbes (ONT)


David Griffin (PIPSC – IPFPC)


Bryan Van Wilgenburg (NCR – RCN)




Special Guests

Joanna Simpson (from PIPSC training staff) joined at 1pm


Opening of the meeting

Elizabeth opened the meeting

Agenda Accepted

Minutes from April 5th, 2019 Executive meeting approved (Michael, Sushil)




Deferred to meeting prior to AGM due to lack of time

ACTION - MARCEL - Put 30 minutes on September agenda to discuss what is needed


Discussion was held around what is required at the requested executive training. Suggested topics include:Functional procedures, technical procedures, claims (reimbursement), IT stuff, booking hotels, etc.


Discussion was held over the situation of the Yukon SG. The members are very transient, which makes it difficult to keep the SG alive. May not be worth the cost to continually revive the subgroup.


Discussion was held over how retired members fit into the membership numbers of the group.
ACTION - LESLIE - Contact Linda Martel (PIPSC) to determine how (if??) retired members are included in group membership numbers.


ACTION - DONALD - Will contact PIPSC in order to determine the process for buyback of items

Discussion was held over annual licence vs one-time fee for Microsoft Office.


It was noted the invitation to discuss Professional’s Canada was for members of the Exec only. As Thomas is no longer a member of the exec, his attendance was removed.


ACTION - MARCEL - 30 minutes for next meeting

ACTION - ALL - Be prepared to discuss


Election was deferred to later on until Ann arrives



Elizabeth, Sushil and Waheed met with PC members from NCR subgroup. IDed their issues. Crux of the issue is they are PC3s who work on files with BI04s. Prior to harmonization, the pay was effectively the same. Now, BI4s are paid more. Disparity now due to them doing effectively the same job for different salary. Possible solutions involve a classification review. Another solution was to have AG/BI/CH be one classification, as opposed to 3.

It was noted the government is currently headed towards a unification/harmonization of classifications. The SP conversion is not in the radar. At least 5 years, probably at least 10 before we actually see any of that. TBS has initiated this process. We want to make sure that they communicate with the PIPSC/SP Group when the SP group’s input is required.

Departments have the ability to switch empty positions to whatever classification they want. ECCC is currently reclassifying empty job descriptions to PCs. Currently the job descriptors are completely identical. No difference between AG/BI/CH/PC. 

It appears to be a classification issue. Get an ERO and a PIPSC classification expert in the room with the PC members to discuss the situation such that the evidence that is needed for a classification review of the BIs and PCs at the same time can be obtained.

Previously, when PCs were paid more than AG/BI/CH, they were given supervisory positions as those were previously determined solely by salary.

ACTION - SUSHIL - Bring this information back to his members.

This is not something that can be handled through bargaining. Has to be done through classification side of things.

It was noted that an equity law is coming into force. All of the classification systems might be completely undone/changed by the equity legislation that is coming forward. There will be one classification system that will cover all of the positions. Will end all of the problems caused by different classifications. PC vs AG/BI/CH. It will ensure all of the positions will be compared against the same requirements. 

The classification will depend on the position, the risks of the position and the responsibilities of the positions.



People will openly nominate (self or otherwise) for all the positions on the Exec in which they are interested by writing their name down. People have the right to refuse nominations. Open discussion will be held.


President - Sushil

VP - Ann

Secretary - Marcel

Treasurer - Donald

Bargaining - Bryan (Incumbent, not up for change due to bylaws and as we are still in bargaining as ratification has not been completed.)

Recognition - Steven

Communications - Elizabeth

Subgroup - Enzo

Delegate Coordinator - Michael

Membership coordinator - Leslie

Chief Steward - Blaine

Parliamentarian - Ann

Mobilization/Visibility Items - Vacant


Feedback was very positive. Allows everyone to see who might be interested.

ACTION - ANN - Put approach down on paper to put in the workplan.


13 Executive members and 26 regular members will be attending.

Donald spoke on the things that need to prepare visibility items for the PIPSC AGM.

ACTION - Elizabeth - Will lead (with Bryan) to determine items for visibility items for AGM.

Manitoba Federation of Labour has a bunch of items for the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike.

There is a lot of money that will be involved in L&Ls and other items from July. September budget report will be more up to date.

2019 is the 100th anniversary of the Institute.
October 2020 will be the 15th anniversary of the SP Group.


Cost to PIPSC of $2k each time it is used

People listening in their not-mother tongue may often be mentally taxing. 

ACTION - MARCEL (ALL) Be prepared to discuss simultaneous translation.


There are currently 2 missing positions - Quebec member, National pool member to replace Bryan. For Bryan’s position, send a call for interest, and pick a person. For Quebec, send a communication to subgroup presidents and ask them to beat the bushes.

ACTION - ENZO - Reach out to Quebec subgroup presidents to ask for candidates

ACTION - SUSHIL/ANN - Send out a call to all the members (outside of NCR) asking for a person to take that position.



Donald presented the financial report
Invoice from the Vancouver subgroup presidents meeting has yet to be processed.

If it is related to bargaining (specifically ratification and education), does not come out of our budget, but rather the PIPSC general bargaining budget. It was also made very clear that PIPSC pays for regional reps to attend subgroup AGMs.

Discussion of the process for reimbursement of bills was had. If there is a desire to have the payments go out without a receipt, need to have a motion from the exec. Not something the treasurer can do unilaterally. A matrix covering reimbursement will be created for next Exec meeting.

ACTION - Donald - Present at next exec meeting a matrix for what is and isn’t covered with respect to reimbursement for group events.


Zonal meetings
Enzo explained the delay in the approval of the Zonal subgroup meetings.

St Johns - 13th, 14th of September

Niagara Falls - 5th of October

ACTION - ENZO - Submit changes to the subgroup zonal meetings to Diane for submission to the EC for July 13th, October 19th, November 23rd for Winnipeg to help expedite ratification.

ACTION - ENZO - Start working on agenda for subgroup presidents meetings.

SP Halifax changed their name to Mainland Nova Scotia


Break for lunch at noon

Back from lunch at 1pm


Joanna (from PIPSC Education Officer) came into the exec in order to discuss training needs of the SP Exec.

Joanna summarized the courses that are currently available from PIPSC off the shelf.

Leadership essentials (1.5 days)

Designed for mixed member (from different groups) audience. Focussed on me/we/us. Individual leadership (me), who are we as an executive (we) , and how you fit in the labour movement as a whole (us). How to use your elected position to forward in the labour movement as a whole.


Conflict ready executives (1/2 a day)

Conflict resolution geared to executive teams. Would look at the value of conflict in a team. How to respond to conflict. How our own personal beliefs about conflict shape how we interact with others. How conflict and our opinions on such shape us as an exec. How an exec can best use conflict.


Leading as a team (1/2 day, for a local exec)

How to work in teams. How to balance various leadership styles to be most effective for the members.


Treasurer’s training. (1 day)

National training program. Goal is to have it run twice a year. Will be available (in english and french) in July in the NCR. Also looking to possible attach training to the steward council in the fall. First come-first serve basis. Is a national-based program.


Things that Exec asked for

New Booking system for travel

Rules/roles of Exec

How to collect a TAN

Google Drive

How to interact with PIPSC staff

How to interact with the various PIPSC sections (branches, regions, subgroups, groups, etc) and who and what they are responsible for.

More information on the rules and responsibilities for the treasurer. Reports, TAN requesting. How to deal with assets. Invoicing, deposits, withdrawals.



September is in St Johns

Look at the training for the wednesday (November 6th) before the PIPSC AGM.


Joanna - ½ day of logistical issues, other ½ day as either Conflict Ready Executives or Leading as a Team.

Exec preference appeared to be Leading as a Team.


Joanna is hoping, down the road, to have a complete Executive Training Program that could either be used alone or as part of a whole workshop. To help with specific roles.

It was suggested to look at the way different Group Executives function in PIPSC and grab a bunch of different Best Practices for the various portfolios. Have different classes for each portfolio. Also a class on how to prepare for and run a Group AGM. Have a cheat sheet on what needs to be done on how to prepare for an Exec meeting, for AGMs (both PIPSC and Group)




Sushil - Nothing to add


For PIPSC AGM, now 1 delegate for every 200 members. 39 total delegates. 13 from the Exec, 26 members. Of the 26, broke it up proportionally for the regions vs the Exec. Trying to make sure there is gender equity and to include younger people.

Most recent AC meeting had an analysis of PIPSC membership as a whole vs who attends AGMs. 

Discussion on the process to be used for presenting motions to delegates to allow the delegates to know what the position of the Executive is. Will try to not conflict with the PIPSC’ “what to expect at PIPSC AGM” class. Not have all of the resolutions, just the major ones. The CS and AFS group already do this. Have the meeting in the same room the Group Exec meeting is held in the evening.

Decisions were made for the SP Group at the PIPSC AGM

Exec Mtg:

- Do you want to hold it at the Hilton Lac Leamy or at the Delta on Lyon? DELTA please

- Do you still require translation services? Not sure yet.

- Do you want to provide your own laptop(s) or would you like us to order laptops with the screens/projectors and have the tech take care of that? We would like two projectors and two screens and cables please.

- Do you want a buffet lunch at your meeting room or do you want to go eat at the hotel restaurant? Restaurant

- Who should be the primary contact on the Exec for this meeting? Sushil

Group Hospitality Suite (Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat nights):

- Do you want this at the Delta? YES please

- Who should be assigned to the adjoining room? Enzo

SP Delegates breakfast on Friday morning:

- Do you want to hold this meal?  Yes.

- If yes, do you want to hold it at the Delta or the Hilton?  Hilton please.

Exec meeting - At the Delta

Goal is still to have all of the SP Members at the Delta.

ACTION - MICHAEL - Contact delegates to get them to find out where they are staying, get them to move to the Delta if they are not already there.


Discussion was held over the inventory of IT assets to determine how they will be distributed.

ACTION - Donald to communicate to the Exec for inventory of the IT assets, including software.


A lot of interest for stewards from all over the country. 10 or 12 new stewards in total over the last couple of months.


Feedback from members was the communications coming out of the Bargaining Team were written very personal, casual, fun but also very informative. When Elizabeth P was in Vancouver, had a lot of thank yous. Felt it was a lot due to the messages going out.

It was noted by Bryan the communications plan was all Judith, with guidance at the start from the Communications department (Jill and Shelley) from PIPSC.

Suzelle noted the SP Group and Central Table are only groups using Nation Builder. PIPSC negotiators will be comparing to see how the feedback works.


According to PIPSC policy, regional reps are covered by PIPSC to travel to subgroup AGMs. Look to see data for how spread out our subgroups are spread. Maybe make an argument that seeing as how we are really spread out, we are given more support for sending regional reps.


Still need to update wording on observer status at SP Group Executive meetings.

ACTION - ANN - Come up with guidelines for observers at SP Group Executive meetings

ACTION - ANN - Send to Donald for inclusion into the Workplan.


Ann noted she tried to present something to the AC, but it was not effective. Much better to send it through the Consultation Team Presidents.

Karen Hall brought forward a meeting for Articles 18.06 and 18.07 that are not being followed in SP workplaces. She reached out to Matt, the RE Group president. Formed a coalition and cornered Debi to point out to her that this was not being respected. Debi assigned a staff member to help champion this for us.


Donald summarized the most recent updates on the Work Plan. Will ID tasks/actions that have never been closed. 

ACTION - ANN - Send out a portion of the Work Plan for people to review for the next Exec meeting.

ACTION - ALL - Review the section that Ann sends out.


Still have mouse pads, bottles, mugs. Running out of bags. Have some pens left as well.

ACTION - DONALD - Access inventory room and inventory SP visibility items.

Banners - 16 banners that have yet to be mailed out.

ACTION - ENZO/DONALD - Contact subgroup presidents to get physical mailing addresses, to send to Donald, that can be used to send the banners.

Bargaining Update - Ratification

Bryan summarized the last month of the SP Bargaining Process as well as the Tentative Agreement

Tuesday May 21st - Central Table achieved a tentative agreement.

Pressure on the SP, AFS and AV groups to get a deal done. CS (the week after) also under pressure.

In order to get Central Table actually ratified, needed to have one of the groups sign a tentative agreement.

Bryan summarized the Tentative Agreement

Ratification period from July 8th to July 31st

TBS has indicated they want the ratification process completed by mid-august.

ACTION - SUZELLE - Investigate recording of the Town Hall to see about putting it up on the PIPSC website.


EWSP will be voted in a separate ratification vote, in 2020 at the earliest


SP Ratification package will include the following:

SP summary
Central Summary

RCMP Summary

MoU for EWSP


Ratification package should be going out around the 21st of June.


Donald summarized the Election results

ACTION - WORK PLAN (ONGOING) - Expand on info in elections package to be noted that people can ask for the election results. Also language about photos.

Lessons learned - Language text did not stipulate they had to supply a bio. Expand to indicate a bio is required.

ACTION - DONALD - Ask IT to examine how blank ballots come about.

Professional development days from PC members

Need to do a campaign in the fall for educating people about their professional development days. Many PCs (and management) are confused over what is included. Regions don’t have a lot of access to these sorts of courses. The NCR has easy access to the courses.

ACTION - SUZELLE - Send data on Professional Development leave to Elizabeth.

ACTION - ELIZABETH - Do a communication piece on development leave.

In Vancouver, management has a matrix for the number of people who are on PD leave so the decisions are consistent. The managers have it in their weekly management meetings so they are aware of who is asking for what.

Round Table

Ann - Believes that, to aid our regional reps who have a huge area to cover, it is worth looking to see if each of the Executive Committee members can act as “mentors” to subgroups to build bridges ahead of time with the subgroups. 

ACTION - MARCEL - Put 30 minutes on next agenda to discuss pairing Executive Committee members with sugroups.

Enzo - Start looking at different ways to encourage PCs to take professional development leaves.

ACTION - SUSHIL - Exit interviews for Thomas, Judith, Daniel

ACTION - MARCEL - Check emails to SP GRP email list


Meeting adjourned (Bryan, Ann) at 4:55