Executive Meeting - January 12, 2019

Presence / Absence

Daniel Ingram (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)


Ann Theriault (NCR – RCN)


Elizabeth Ptasznik (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)


Steven J. Colwell (BC/YUK – CB/YUK)


Enzo Barresi (ONT)


Sushil S. Dixit (NCR – RCN)


Judith Leblanc (QUE)


Thomas Landry (ATL)


Marcel C. Beaudoin (NCR – RCN)


Suzelle Brosseau (PIPSC – IPFPC)


Michael A. Forbes (ONT)


Donald Lefebvre (NCR – RCN)


Bryan Van Wilgenburg (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO)




Waheed joined at 12:45 pm

Norma joined at 10:50am

Rihanna Pearlmen joined at 00


Elizabeth opened the meeting. Welcomed Ann Theriault to the exec. Explained that Denise is not able to take the spot offered.

The minutes from November 1st (moved by Michael, seconded by Judith) and November 23rd (moved by Thomas, seconded by Donald) were approved.


Elizabeth - As Waheed (Chief Steward) and Norma (Parliamentarian) were elected to the Board of Directors, their portfolios need to be filled until the elections are completed in the spring.

Ann volunteered to act as Parliamentarian and Sushil volunteered to act as Chief Steward. Their focus will be on any day-to-day duties. Any major decisions that need to be taken will, if possible, be deferred until after the election.


The action items from previous meetings were reviewed.

AGM approval

The question was raised why it was taking so long for the BoD/EC to approve the SP AGM being held in Montreal. It was explained there was a process that needed to be followed. The request has to go through the Finance Committee, and then wait for a BoD meeting.

Waheed Kahn on Bargaining Team

The question was brought forward to the BLPC as to whether someone on the Board of Directors can be part of a Group Bargaining Team. The response provided was there was nothing specific in bylaws preventing Waheed from being on BT. It will be discussed at BoD meeting.


Marcel brought forward there was a need to accelerate the discussion of standing items as there is normally a lot of time lost, which makes it very difficult to plan a meeting agenda and it results in many topics being tabled to later meetings.

Thomas noted the chair is there to guide through the discussion and it is their responsibility of chair to manage how much time is spent on each discussion.

Donald - It is important to distinguish between reporting on standing items, which should be 2-3 minutes, and more detailed items which need more discussion and should be put as their own agenda item.


Subgroup zonal meetings

With Enzo being absent, will need to have a conference call later to discuss the subgroup zonal meetings.

The need for there to be a kit provided to new subgroups to assist them before, during and after their creation was discussed. Typically the regional reps assist, but it has been done very ad-hoc up until now. The current kit that is provided is done so by PIPSC and is very brief, covering only banking and minutes. In addition, there is no contact person at PIPSC that can help.

ACTION - ALL (ONGOING) - As new subgroups are formed, provide feedback to Donald (for inclusion into the Workplan) on what is needed to provide to new subgroups.


Sushil - Membership has increased due to RCMP membership. This will be reflected in an updated membership list and allocation from PIPSC.


The situation with Tarek’s stolen laptop was updated. The information has been passed on to the PIPSC Finance committee, who will be determining how it will be handled.

Once Daniel (as Vice president) has finished collecting all of the serial numbers for the laptops, the information will be transferred to the treasurer, whose responsibility it is to track assets.

Microsoft Office licence - Bought 2 group licenses (5 laptops per group) which will be handled by Daniel. A vote was held whether to continue with the group licences or simply do individual licences. By a vote of 4 to 1 (with 5 abstentions) it was decided to go with group licences.


Judith - Since we have started sending out Bargaining Team emails with links to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we have been seeing an increase in the people accessing those social media pages.

Meeting went in Camera to discuss bargaining positions with respect to Economic Increases
Executive Travel

Elizabeth - Was invited to Tunny’s Pasture AGM. Lots of people came forward to join the meeting. One of the people that came forward to be on the Exec was Tarek, and was elected. PIPSC is reviewing his eligibility.

Daniel - Was invited to the inaugural downtown Edmonton Subgroup. The formation of the subgroup was a direct result of the subgroup presidents meeting in Vancouver

Thomas - Invited to Gander (21st of January) and Fredericton (23rd of January) AGMs.

A decision was made to prepare a series of canned presentations that could be available and used to cover topics such as Bargaining, Central Table and EWSP.

ACTION - BRYAN put together a 15 minute presentation on bargaining.

ACTION - ELIZABETH - Püt together a short presentation on the Central Table

ACTION - JUDITH - Create an internal document with links to EWSP, Central Table, etc

ACTION - BRYAN - Get slides from Waheed on EWSP, summarize and prepare presentation

ACTION - Thomas - Provide summary on mobilization

ACTION - ANN - Provide slides on Scientific Integrity

ACTION - Suzelle - Provide slides on Essential Services

ACTION - MARCEL - Create a location on the SP Shared drive for all these documents.

Michael - Will be representing Exec at Hamilton/Burlington subgroup AGM.

Judith - Visited SP members at Canadian Space Agency with Donald. Explained how bargaining proposal was developed and answered questions about Essential Services as well. About 20 members total. Gave suggestions on how to show support for the Bargaining Team. Spoke with Alex (president of SP subgroup in Montreal). Judith was invited to spend a couple of days visiting all of the various Montreal subgroup locations.

(Norma arrived at the meeting - 10:50)

Scientific Integrity:

Judith - According to the Collective Agreement, all of the policies should have been ready on December 31st, 2018. Some ministries are ready, at other departments, the management wants to change things. PIPSC is in the process of following up with the last departments to determine how the implementation is being done. PIPSC is looking at further actions, if necessary, to encourage the departments.

Now that policy is in the hands of the consultation team presidents, the role of the SP Group is to keep the Collective Agreement up to date. The consultation team presidents are in charge of implementation.

Elizabeth - May need to have this as the topic of the SP AGM. Have practical examples of what can be done.

Need to communicate to our members (a) The current situation with Scientific Integrity; (b) Judith is the SP Group representative; (c)  Ann is ready as a contact point as to how the consultation teams can be effective in the implementation of the SI policy. We may also need to reach out to consultation teams where the president is not SP to help them.

Bryan - Scientific Integrity will be brought up in the realm of the “Do Better” mobilization campaign. Want to mention to employer they are not treating employees with respect if they are not making any movement towards reaching a deal with the members.

Suzelle - Scientific Integrity was negotiated at a much higher level than the SP group.


Need to make sure someone presents the information presented at the Exec meeting on a Conference Call.

ACTION - BRYAN or ELIZABETH with Enzo - Hold subgroup president conference call (with Enzo)

Bylaws Committee

Norma - Some back and forth with French translation. Bylaws have been posted on the website. No amendments have been received for the bylaws portion of the upcoming AGM.

ACTION - ELIZABETH - Ensure all the members of the Bylaws committee receive recognition.

ACTION - MICHAEL - Remind Bylaws committee members to apply to be SP AGM delegates.

Judith - Certificates are prepared, only have to buy the frames.

ACTION - SUSHIL - WIll purchase the frames for the certificates.
ACTION - JUDITH - Send the certificates to Sushil.


WIll be discussed under Mobilization

Advisory Council

Nothing to report since last Exec meeting

Standing Items discussion paused


MOTION (Judith, Ann) - In the future, documents required for discussion at Executive meetings be distributed by email ahead of the meeting unless absolutely necessary or impossible to send it by email.

Donald - Want to make it clear that if it is sent electronically, it meets the requirements of the Executive.

Marcel - An official document is not 2 documents, one in english, one in french, but 1 document that exists in both english and french.

Motion withdrawn

Donald presented and summarized plan and timeline for the spring SP Election. Decision was made, for biographies, to use 200 word limit in English and 230 word limit in French.

Decision was made to wait until after National Elections to continue the process for filling the positions left by Norma and Waheed.

ACTION - ELECTIONS COMMITTEE - Draft communication to be sent out to the members explaining what is going on with the various positions.

(Waheed arrived at 12:45)

Standing Items discussion continued


Norma summarized recent activities of SAC. This year is a pivotal year in planning mode to either extend some of the initiatives or create another 3-5 year plan and add the currently unfinished initiatives. Members of the committee will be decided in next several months. Encouraged someone from SP Exec to be part of the committee.

Thomas - Look at opportunity to have back-to-back meetings with the SAC so as to allow people to attend.

Financial Report

Donald presented the December and end-of-year financial statements as well as proposed 2019 Budget.

Meeting entered In Camera session to discuss EWSP and Bargaining (SP Group, Central Table and Essential Services)


Waheed summarized the current state of EWSP bargaining


Suzelle summarized the current state of bargaining for the SP Group and the Central Table as well as the Essential Services.

Meeting left In Camera session

Rihanna Pearlman joined the Meeting at approximately 2:00 pm

The Executive introduced themselves.

Dates for Executive Meetings

Add a 6th meeting in March to enable us to prepare for the zonal meetings, bargaining and the SP AGM.

ACTION - DANIEL - Put out a Doodle for another exec meeting in March.


Guest Speaker

A number of names were brought forward as suggestions.

ACTION - JUDITH, BRYAN, DANIEL, ELIZABETH, THOMAS (lead) will determine a guest speaker for the AGM.

ACTION - DANIEL - Get Diane to send out a Save the Date email that will include a call for delegates.

Hospitality Suite

If held in Montreal, will invite all of the SP members to invite for a hospitality event in conjunction with subgroup.

Judith - Montreal subgroup president excited to take part. Possibility of increasing the number of observers so that a larger number of Montreal SP members can take part.

Visibility Items and Banners

Donald presented a summary of the existing visibility items in stock.

Donald presented the banners that will be distributed to the subgroups.

ACTION - DONALD prepare list of visibility items and email it to the subgroup presidents, Stewards, email to Elizabeth

ACTION - ELIZABETH - mention list of visibility items on subgroup presidents conference call.


Donald summarized the status of the Workplan.

Donald presented the list of projects.

Daniel - Prepare a document to be handed out to new subgroups.

ACTION - DANIEL - Prepare initial draft for new subgroups, send out to Group Exec for comments and suggestions.

ACTION - ALL - Review Workplan projects/deliverables and be prepared to offer feedback at next Group Executive meetings.

Bargaining - Mobilization

Elizabeth summarized the “Do Better” campaign, including the materials (both physical and digital) that will be available.

Partnering with the RE Group as well as the RO/RCO Group was discussed. RE Group president on board with working together, he will reach out to the RE Group Exec to find out if they are interested. Not always an overlap with RO/RCO workplaces. Doesn’t need to be strong overlap, but might be a way to share strategy and costs as well as place added pressure on Treasury Board.

Bryan summarized the “Invest in Science” campaign.

Waheed - Coming on heels of Scientific Integrity, it points to lots of things the current Government is behind. We are no longer dealing with the politicians doing the muzzling, rather we are dealing with middle-management doing the muzzling. Need to be on the guard on muzzling of scientists. The Code of Ethics (which is what was previously used in the muzzling of scientists) has not changed and could still be used. SCientific INtegrity does not address the resources issue.

ACTION - Elizabeth - communicate with RE and RO/RCO presidents to see about working together. (ANN and BRYAN to work on a committee with the RE and RO/RCO group)

ACTION - BRYAN - Follow up with subgroup presidents to try to create points of contact.

ACTION - REGIONAL REPS - Reach out to the subgroups in your area to get some names to be sent to Bryan to act as points of contact.

(Norma and Waheed left the meeting at 15:30)


Bryan’s idea for the election of Portfolios was summarized: Put large pieces of paper around the room and have nominations be written openly. Allow open discussion. Ensure to have a primary position, followed by secondary positions. Deal with the officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), then committee chairs and then individual portfolios.

Proxy voting

Proxy voting will be done by phone should the person be available, otherwise no proxy voting.


Michael summarized how the CS, AFS, AV, SH, RE and NR groups chose delegates for the PIPSC and Group AGMs and compared it to the method used by the SP Group. Important to note that only those  who have applied to be delegates can be chosen as observers. It was noted that currently, all delegates are chosen by subgroups, so those members who work in a location not covered by a subgroup will never get a chance to attend.

ACTION - MICHAEL - Will get in contact with Diane and send out the call for delegates ASAP after the location has been chosen.

ACTION - JUDITH - Help in the writing of the messages that will be sent out to members.


$100 to be put towards flowers for Enzo in memory of the passing of his mother.

ACTION - MICHAEL to forward obituary to Elizabeth

ACTION - MARCEL - Put Zonal meetings (45 minutes) on the next agenda