Dear members,

The SP Collective Agreement for the period 2014-2018 was signed on May 14, 2017, and has been in effect since then. It is posted online.

The new pay rates, which will apply to your next pay, on June 14, are the first real changes you will notice. Since our recent AGM on May 27, we were advised by the Treasury Board that the salary rates of employees who are subject to a salary scale restructuring (harmonizing with new pay line) will not be adjusted on that date. The main groups impacted by this deferral are the AG, BI and CHEM, as their process cannot be automated.

Many of you will also receive a first retroactive payment on that date, but not all of you. It should be noted that there are two categories of retroactive pay: one for the pre-Phoenix period, and another based on information entered in Phoenix. According to Treasury Board estimates, the retroactive pay calculation will require ‘human’ intervention for one out of two SP members.

Treasury Board has repeatedly told us that it is determined to comply with the 90-day period from the date the collective agreement is signed to pay all amounts due under the new SP collective agreement. However, for many of you, this will require more than one payment. We will need everyone’s cooperation so as not to generate new enquiries before the 90 days have elapsed. So we urge you not to create new requests during this period.

The Treasury Board and the main bargaining agents have been working on Q&A’s that will be posted shortly.