SH Annual General Meeting

RPC Prairies

Birmingham's Vodka and Ale House

March 30th, 2023


1. Meeting called to order at 1901


2. Roll call of all subgroup executive members:

President: Candise Hansen

Vice-President: Miranda LaVallee

Treasurer: Rachel Boyko

Secretary: Nealy Hildebrandt

Member at Large: Mason Heminger

Member at Large: Tanya Smood

Member at Large: Kira Stillwell

Member at Large: Roberta McFarlane

Member at Large: Maegan Sharp

Member at Large: Adriana Knoll

Member at Large: Vacant


3. Adoption of Agenda: Tanya Smood, Kira Stillwell (2nd)


4. Minutes from last meeting of AGM: Accepted by Candise Hansen, Rachel Boyko (2nd)


5. Treasurer's report: Nealy Hildebrandt, Mason Heminger (2nd)


6. Subgroup Elections:

-           Adriana Knoll stepped down

-           We had 6 nominations for 5 member at large positions

-           Nominated: Courtney Humeny, Maegan Sharp, Roberta McFarlane, Alyssa Regush, Kira

Stillwell, Jordyn Dornblut

-           Voted in and accepted the position: Courtney Humeny, Maegan Sharp, Roberta

McFarlane, Alyssa Regush, Kira Stillwell


7. Guest Speaker: Lynn Ohlson - National SH Executive President

-           Lynn provided an update on bargaining, that we have exchanged proposals as the CA

has expired as of September 2022

-           Lynn spoke to the general economic increase (GEI) that should be considered when

looking at rates of pay

-           Should we not be able to come to an agreement, we are unable to strike, but would

instead utilize the process of arbitration to reach a decision

-           PSAC is currently in a strike position as they are far apart from the treasury board in

terms of what both sides believe to be fair

-           Lynn spoke to our rights and responsibilities in a PSAC strike, noting that it is the

employer's responsibility to get staff across the picket line. We are encouraged to

support in any way we can: read material, honk while passing workers, bring coffee or

donuts for those on the picket line etc.

-           Lynn spoke to different meetings that are upcoming in the SH group: President's

meeting, Prairie Regional Council, PIPSC AGM, etc.


8. Roundtable - nothing


9. Meeting adjourned at 2115