Meeting called to order by Laura Lee Mullin at 6:10pm. 



Laura Lee Mullin DND

Lisa Jones DND

Glen Boorman DND

Amberly Colter ESDC

Kailey Von Richter DND

Sarah Simpson DND

Janet Weber DND

Denise Stymiest-Burns ESDC

Stacey Lessard DND

Danielle Andrews ESDC

Melanie Storey ESDC

Vicki Thomas DND

Lisa Chapman DND

Kim George,

Meaghan Cameron, ESDC

Destiny Turnbull-Sabattis DND

Aimee McNutt ESDC

Lynn Ohlson SH Group President



Laura Lee welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance.  She then introduced the present executive Lisa Jones (treasurer), Sarah Simpson (vice president), Janet Weber (secretary), Amberly Colter (member at large), Denise Stymiest-Burns (member at large) and guest speaker, SH Group National President, Lynn Ohlson.


Agenda Review:

The agenda was reviewed and motioned by Amberly Colter to be accepted, Stacey Lessard seconded.


Last Year’s AGM Minutes:

Review of last year’s AGM minutes were motioned by Amberly Colter to be accepted, Stacey Lessard seconded.


President’s 2022-2023 Report:

The Fredericton SH subgroup has approximately 78 members from DND, ESDC, VAC, and the RCMP. We have nurses and nurse practitioners, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and pharmacists.


Last year’s AGM was held in November and we saw some increased attendance from ESDC. The event was a wine tasting hosted by a wine connoisseur and this was well received by the membership.  Elections in 2022 welcomed a new secretary Janet Weber and the treasurer and members at large were acclaimed by Lisa Jones and Amberly Colter.  Towards the end of the year the subgroup also agreed to appoint two new members at large given the updated regional subgroup membership grew to 78.  Glen Boorman accepted the vacant appointment as member at large.


We also welcomed three new stewards (Kailey VonRichter, Denise Stymiest-Burns and April Carter). We now have approximately 46 stewards trained in the region.


The Executive met 4 times to discuss workplace issues, bargaining and member engagement.

  • In December, the Fredericton Branch organized a multi sub group meeting to plan member events and visibility events for the upcoming year. The SH subgroup agreed to participate in community kitchen volunteer activities and this was fulfilled by Janet Weber thus far. The subgroup also made a $500 donation to the local food bank.


  • DND and ESDC locations supported the PSAC strike by visiting the picket line over the lunch hours and delivering donuts, and pizzas.


  • The subgroup president also represented at the Rainbow Run held in recognition of pride month and used this as an opportunity to make PIPSC visible to the LGBQ2+ community, Gagetown leadership and the public service community.


Laura Lee attended the sub-group Presidents meeting on June 1st and discussed workplace issues, member engagement and retention of subgroups since COVID pandemic.  The sub group presidents heard presentations from the bargaining team and the professional qualifications committee and the SH group president.  On June 2nd Denise Stymiest-Burns attended the SH group AGM as a delegate from the region.


The subgroup also hosted a lunch and learn earlier in June where Laura Lee presented in PIPSC and You. We had eight participants at this event and the feedback was very positive.


Laura Lee was also successful in advocating for a safer workplace within DND by taking the discussion on military members wearing knives while attending appointments in the medical clinic to a national audience.  A national policy now exists preventing this practice.  Laura Lee also attended three days of training in June regarding workplace violence and de-escalation held in Halifax


Annual Financial Report:

Lisa Jones told the membership that the subgroup received the full annual allotment ($13/member x 76 members) in the amount of $1,738.00 for this year. Funds expended included: a $500 donation to the Community Kitchen, and $23 to support the PSAC picket line. The balance in the bank account is now $4,230.00.


Guest Speaker, Lynn Ohlson:

As SH Group National President, Lynn discussion included: an update on our bargaining team. She discussed how the 2021 bargaining team participants were chosen to represent and reflect the SH membership. The membership includes nine professions; ten once nurse practitioners achieve their own classification.  Lynn explained that only non-monetary issues are addressed at the central table with the aim to avoid Treasury Board using a “divide and conquer” approach. 

Lynn reinforced that PIPSC strongly supports members' ability ’to work both virtually and in the office and support member’s that can work from home.


Lynn shared that PSAC had negotiated a 12.6% wage increase over four years and a one-time pensionable payment of $2,500.00.


Lynn indicated that IT is the first sub-group classification to go to binding arbitration and it will likely be six months for a decision.


AGM Elections 2023:

Laura Lee Mullin acclaimed as President

Kailey Von Richter elected as Vice-President

Sarah Simpson elected as Member at large

Glen Boorman elected as Member at large


Round Table-

Meaghan Cameron from ESDC brought forward the stress for term employees who have not received any reassurance of obtaining indeterminant positions.  Laura Lee indicated that the new PIPSC President, Jennifer Carr, is committed to pressuring the employer to reduce contracted positions and the creation of indeterminant positions.


Meaghan Cameron also indicated resistance from the employer to permit work from home despite lack of evidence that a return to the office as any specific benefits.  Lynn Ohlson spoke to this being a high priority for the central bargaining team.


Kailey VonRichter requested feedback from the group on how many members were still having problems with reimbursement of licensing fees. It was noted that wait times for DND members was still excessive.  Laura Lee stated that she’s filed grievances on member’s behalf for this in the past and it continues to be an issue


Lisa Chapman raised the length of time for approval of wage income averaging was also excessive, giving the example of making a request six months in advance with only last minute approval.


Closing remarks

Laura Lee thanked the membership for their participation in the AGM and looked forward to seeing them at more events in the future.  She invited the membership to reach out at any time if they had any ideas for events that they would like to see happen.  Laura Lee moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:24pm and was seconded by Amberly Colter. Meeting adjourned.