Essex-Kent SH Sub-Group AGM Minutes - May 10, 2023

31 members in attendance (1 no-show)

Discussion Summary:

  1. Welcome:
  • Carrie Doan welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Sub-Group Executive in attendance.
  1. Approval of Agenda:
  • Moved by: Jenna Elliott
  • Seconded by: Jillian Moir
  1. Approval of the prior Minutes from Sub-Group 2022 AGM:
  • Moved by: Stephanie Turkington
  • Seconded by: Kayleen Girard
  1. President’s Report (Carrie Doan):
  • Elections to be held this year for Sub-Group
  • Explained funding for the Nurse’s Week Event and the AGM
  • Encouraged attendance for the Branch AGM next week
  • Sub Group will be planning a Fall event
  • Branch is planning a summer family event on June 25th
  • Discussed Sub-Group support during PSAC strike (provided Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnuts and sandwiches from Sobeys) on personal time
  • Provided update from Lynn Ohlson on the CLC Convention that she attended as a delegate
    • We are in the early stages of bargaining
    • Latest bargaining meeting was on March 28-30 with Treasury Board
    • We are 80% essential workers and will go to Arbitration if necessary
    • PIPSC is pushing for language in Collective Agreement in relation to Return To Office/occupancy and has filed grievances – no update at this time
  • New healthcare plan with Canada Life to begin July 1, 2023 – encouraged members to complete the Positive Enrollment
  • The PIPSC Legacy Foundation is open for scholarship applications with a deadline of June 30th
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Kayleen Girard):
  • Projected 2023 members is 173
  • 2023 budget is to be spent on member events and AGM
  1. Approval of 2023 budget:

-     Moved by: Jenna Elliott

-     Seconded by: Bradley Bettencourt

  1. New Business:
  • Member requested updated list of Sub-Group Executive and Stewards
  1. Elections Committee (Carrie Doan):
  • Nominations had been received via email prior to the AGM and each position was accepted by the nominees
    • Vice-President: Nicole Bettencourt (2 years)
    • Secretary: Stephanie Turkington (2 years)
    • Member-at-large: Reuben Sprik (2 years)
    • Member-at-large: Jeannie Samson (2 years)
    • Member-at-large: Marsha Sparnaay (2 years)
    • Member-at-large: Stephanie Bulbeck (2 years)
    • Member-at-large: Noelle Foldesi (2 years)
  1. Motion to adjourn meeting:
  • Moved by: Yadzia Widenmaier
  • Seconded by: Reuben Sprik