SH DND Sub-Group, Quebec Region


Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Josée Girard, Sonia Richard, Sophie Lévesques, Renée Lessard.

Absent: Valérie Tremblay

  • Opening Remarks
  • Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting: Moved by Karine, seconded by Josée.
  • Approval of the Agenda: Moved by Sonia, seconded by Sophie.
  • Composition of the Sub-Group Executive: At this time, the members of the Executive are interested in running for re-election. Sonia will ask her if she is still interested. Sophie said that she feels uncomfortable continuing with the Sub-Group given her unavailability. The Executive supports her participation, which it considers beneficial despite her limited availability. Let’s go back to the objective of the Sub-Group, which is to share information and to present a common front in the face of issues shared by the clinics. 
  • Sub-Group’s finances/budget/bank account:
    • Budget received in February 2020. Account balance: $2,167. No expenditures. For 2021, still no answer as to whether the Sub-Group is entitled to an allocation for 2021. Two emails were sent to Ms. Popova, Finance Manager for the Sub-Groups.
  • Revision of the Sub-Group’s mandate and By-Laws:
    • The mandate was completed and will be ratified at the AGM.
  • Sub-Group AGM:

A hybrid format is proposed: In-person in a conference room in the respective offices, with lunch provided by the Sub-Group. Tests must be done, and a tight organization is the activity. Length of activity: Some wanted to extend the lunch hour, others wanted to keep it under an hour. The Executive agreed to a one-hour lunch period from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

Primary objectives: Introduce the Sub-Group, its mandate, and the members of the Executive. Present the communication channels used by the Institute, the Region, the Group and the Sub-Group.

Guests: Eric Massey, who is on the negotiation table. He may also act as Elections Chair.

Elections: Refer to Minutes of 2019-12-06 for positions up for election.

Next meeting February 4, 2022, from 8 am to 10 am: Will serve as an opportunity to endorse the official email that will be sent to members and to plan the AGM regarding all logistics. Apply for the Better Together grant.

  • Roundtable

Karine was alarmed by the overload of work, people who no longer have lunch breaks and who work evenings and weekends. She is also working on a file to request National Consultation to prioritize staffing files of health service clinics.

Sonia is involved in the Official Languages Committee. She is also a member of the National Human Rights and Diversity Committee. No longer involved in the Saguenay Branch. Improved workplace environment with the addition of new players.

Renée also expressed concern for members who are burned out, experiencing injustices, and reminded us of the importance of communicating together, remaining empathetic and taking care of ourselves and inviting our members to do the same.

Josée is involved in the Harassment and Violence in the Workplace Committee. She also plans to take the FTQ Train the Trainer course to become part of the team of trainers for the Quebec Region. She said she is proud of our Sub-Group team. She has resigned from the Saguenay Branch.

Sophie, good team spirit. Change of manager soon but it bodes well. Worked on a case of assault and harassment by a member.

  • Other Business
  • Adjournment: Moved by Karine and seconded by Renée.