(Original version in French)


SH DND Sub-Group, Quebec Region

Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Moved by Sophie Lévesque and seconded by Renée Lessard.
  • Opening remarks: Welcome!
  • Approval of Agenda: Moved by Renée Lessard and seconded by Sonia Richard.
  • Sub-group’s finances, budget, and bank account: Renée presents the sub-group’s bank account statement, showing a balance of $3199.99. Renée will buy the gift cards voted for at the May AGM. She is awaiting the budget directive for promotional items (to be discussed below).
  • Planning for the 2023 AGM:
    • Date: May 10th, from 12:00 to 1 p.m. Josée has already sent the Teams link to the executive.
    • Permission to use Teams: Renée will obtain permission for Saint-Jean/Longue-Pointe, Josée for Bagotville and Karine for Valcartier.
    • Notice of meeting and agenda: Is almost ready, but we need to add positions that are up for election. Josée asked the executive to read it before sending it to our members.
    • The executive once again selects Éric Massey to supervise the elections.
    • As a guest, Josée will ask Pierre Potvin.
    • Our by-laws are still not posted on the PIPSC website, so Josée will attach them to the e-mail containing the notice of meeting. She will specify that interested parties will have until April 30 to apply, and may also do so during the AGM.
  • Promotional clothes: A look back at research into the amounts allocated to promotional clothing. Half the positions are up for election, so half the executive isn’t comfortable buying jackets. There is still a great deal of uncertainty about the cost of polaroids and embroidery, and the executive unanimously agrees that the reasonable cost of polaroids will be a maximum of $120 with taxes, including embroidery. Any excess amount will be paid by the executive member. Julie will check the exact price of the embroidery with the logo. Members can choose to buy their fleece before or after the elections in May. The embroidery can be affixed to the front left or right, depending on the polar of each.
  • Rules for the Sub-group’s Facebook page: Josée proposed the idea of setting rules for the decorum of our Facebook page. She will send it to all of them for review and correction before posting them on the Sub-group page. Josée invited the Sub-group members to contribute relevant content to the page.
  • Roundtable:
    • Bagotville to take over UMCC soon.
    • Valcartier has initiated a policy grievance protocol for a category of employees concerning their salary step at hiring.
    • Many are concerned about workplace violence in their clinics.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Josée proposed to mark Civil Servants’ Day next June 11–17 (Civil Servants’ Day on June 23) by distributing PIPSC promotional items. The executive agreed to look into a way of distributing promotional items in line with our message of support for our members next autumn.
    • Josée asked if we’ve received the invitation for training in Quebec City on May 12–13 for DND delegates. She will resend the e-mail to those who have not received it.

Adjournment: Moved by Renée, seconded by Julie