SH DND Sub-Group, Quebec Region


Meeting Minutes January 13, 2023


  • Attending: Josée Girard, Renée Lessard, Sophie Lévesque, Julie Tremblay, Karine Régimbald, and Sonia Richard.
  • Opening remarks: Happy New Year wishes and latest news on ongoing collective bargaining.
  • Approval of the minutes of the last meeting (2022 AGM) was moved by Josée Girard, and seconded by Sophie Lévesque.
  • The adoption of the agenda was proposed by Renée Lessard, and seconded by Julie Tremblay.
  • Sub-Group’s finances, budget, and bank account: The Treasurer reported that all cheques have been cashed and receipts are in order for the 2022 AGM. The balance in the account is $3,176.35. She has not yet requested the annual allowance.
  • A look back at the 2022 AGM:
    • Josée returned to the nomination of the Executive members to ensure that the returning officer first checks to see if any members wish to submit their nomination, before the current Executive members nominate each other.
    • In general, the Executive members are a bit disappointed with the lack of member participation, despite door prizes and the fact that collective bargaining is just around the corner. The Executive believes that this is caused by a lack of interest, but also by the workload of the members and the lack of staff. Also, the members are generally disappointed by the limited information that is shared at these meetings. It is also believed that the culture of the community would lead people to be less involved with the union. Members also mentioned that they were not satisfied with the amount and quality of information that is shared, especially regarding the ongoing negotiations. It would be important for the Executive to manage the expectations of the members in terms of the information that can be shared at these meetings. We also talked about member accountability.
  • Planning for the 2023 AGM:
    • Choice of formula: The Executive wishes to continue using Teams.
    • A new request will still need to be made to the employer for permission to use their platform at the Sub-Group meeting. An extended lunch period (12:00-1:00 pm) is recommended.
    • Date: The Executive is proposing Wednesday, May 10 from noon to 1:00 p.m. on the Teams platform.
    • Guest: Eric Massey, as chair of the Bargaining Team.
    • Positions up for election at the next AGM: Vice-President, Secretary, and a Director.
    • Permission to use Teams must be obtained for each clinic.
    • Notice of meeting and agenda: Josée will take the last notice of meeting and the notice of nominations and update them.
    • Door prizes: same formula (4 Renaud-Bray gift cards of $50, for a total of $200). The Executive members will not be included in the draw. Renée Lessard will purchase the gift cards and mail them internally to the bases where the winners are located.
  • Promotional Apparel Search Results: Julie Tremblay did a search for the Sub Group’s swag. She showed us a $70 fleece sweater and a $51 sleeveless fleece sweater.[CM1]  There is no more information on prices (including embroidery and delivery) or quantities. The SH Group logo will be used with the following inscription:

“SH DND Sub-Group

Quebec Region”

There are still requests for information to be made for 6 long sleeve black fleece shirts.[CM2] 

  • Telecommuting and the return to the workplace Treasury Board policy:
    • This policy has very little impact on our members. They will need to establish new telework agreements based on a new application.
  • Roundtable discussion:
    • In Valcartier, there has been an increase in problems with Sunlife insurance due to a lack of personnel at the payroll centre to send the required statements. Also, the steward has acted as a mediator between certain departments over the past few months. The working atmosphere has been more difficult between departments in the last year. There has been no LMCC since last fall, and no meetings are scheduled. Denis Caissy is no longer responsible for consultation in the Quebec Region of DND.
    • Bagotville: There is nothing special to say, but it is admitted that the atmosphere at work remains rather heavy. Bagotville has a new commander, but they know little about him and receive little information. They haven’t had an LMCC in a long time.
    • Montreal / Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu: Good communication with management. They are understaffed, with increasing demands for service and burnout of professionals. A systematic meeting of the new members with the steward is set up in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. He sees a difference in the local solicitation of members to the steward. There is a good stability of managers consulting with the union before sending out directives and procedures.
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Karine Régimbald made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Julie Tremblay.