SH SCC Montreal / North Shore Sub-Group Meeting

2019-09-18, at 6:30 pm

Staff College, Laval



Éric Massey, President

Isabelle Mercier, Secretary

Donald Moisan, Vice-President


Maryse Danger, Treasurer

Louis Poulin, Director

Richard Doyle, Director

Sophie Tanguay Veilleux Karine O'Connor, Director

Martin Poisson, Director


1. Opening remarks

Eric welcomed the Sub-Group’s members.

2. Review and Approval of the Agenda

Moved by Éric Massey, seconded by Isabelle Mercier All agreed. Carried as read.

3. Review and Approval of the 2019-06-19 meeting minutes

Moved by Isabelle Mercier, seconded by Éric Massey. All agreed. Carried as read.

4. Business arising from the minutes

 Activities carried out since the last meeting (tracking of the various tasks assigned)

- Bylaws and Regulations: Eric emailed Donald documents about that.

Review of the time frames in the grievance process. We are waiting for Richard's return via Valérie Charrette for discussion in the regional consultation. As Richard is not here the item is postponed.

- Rand members. We discussed the subject bilaterally and we will have a discussion about it at the next regional management meeting regarding the on-boarding of new employees (information provided to employees about their union and the new employee list provided by the employer). The employer will get back to us about this.

Regarding the institution tours, we went to Drummond and La Macaza. Eric also went to three workplaces at DND. He taught members how to establish an SH Sub-Group at DND.

The issue with meeting members in penitentiaries has been resolved. Isabelle updated us on the verbal agreement we have with management.

5. AGM, November 11: Report, election, organizing committee

The Treasurer’s position will be up for election. The other positions will not be up for election this year.

Donald will be responsible for writing the invitation email to members and obtaining approval from RDHS (next week).

It was proposed to develop a theme for the AGM. It is suggested that this year's theme be performance evaluations. Moved by Eric, seconded by Donald. All agreed. Carried.

6. Consultation / Bilateral discussions: ongoing issues

Isabelle discussed the various discussions held at the regional level concerning SH members. She also explained the consultation team’s role and how they work.

Deprofessionalization in relation to the hiring of WP3 is discussed. It is proposed to check the provincial law (Act 21) on health professionals for details regarding access to medical records.

We also talked about the fact that the employer sometimes refuses to pay for meals taken while travelling (for training purpose), including the evening meal when the employee returns home late. Similarly, we discussed temporary job postings where the employer indicates that it will not pay expenses (travel, meals) to the employees who take these positions. We will investigate whether it is legitimate to file grievances based on this employer action. (CF. See National Joint Council Policy).

7. Communications

E-mails / member meetings: Isabelle describes the consultation preparation and results in relation to e-mails and member meetings in the institutions.

8. Recruitment

We have received requests from people who want to become stewards, some of whom will be training this fall. Isabelle mentioned people who have expressed the wish to become stewards and other people who are willing to be contacts (at LES for example), but who do not want to be stewards.  Donald offered to try to recruit one contact in Port-Cartier.

9. PIPSC’s 100th anniversary - 1920/2020

Isabelle proposed to tour the institutions with a presentation on PIPSC’s 100th anniversary. It was announced to the Steward Council that there will be presentations about that. Donald will ask about the material available on this and the mobilization that is still important today. Hugo Landry is a contact point. It would be interesting to have promotional items to hand out to members.

10. Visibility

10.1 At the Sub-Group level

To be discussed again as more members of the Sub-Group attend the meeting.

10.2 At the member level

Isabelle just spent over XX on promotional items, as previously authorized (invoice to come). Isabelle requested the authorization to spend an additional XXX in visibility items to ensure that material is available for distribution to stewards and members. Moved by Donald and seconded by Eric. All agreed. Carried

11. Adjournment

Adjournment at 8:30 p.m. moved by Donald and seconded by Isabelle.

Next meetings

The AGM will be held on November 11 at 9:00 am at the Staff College.

Scheduling of subsequent meetings at the AGM will be done at the next AGM, subject to the Executive's availability. There was a discussion about the possibility of holding teleconferences on lunch hours to promote work-life balance.


Certified correct:

Éric Massey, President