Meeting Location: 988 King Street W., Hamilton, ON


Hamilton-NRCAN Branch:  Shaochun Cao, James Chen, Ruby J. Zhang

RE CANMET Hamilton Sub-Group: Jidong Kang, Amjad Javaid, Xin Pang

Regret:  M. Kumar Sadayappan,

Absent:  None

Opened by:    Shaochun                    Seconded by: Jidong

Meeting Start Time: 6:00 pm


  • Approval of agenda
  • PIPSC representation in CMAT WPHSC and its Terms of Reference.
  • PIPSC consultation team with the CMAT senior management.
  • Issues to be brought up to the CMAT senior management.

Record of Decisions (motioned, seconded)

  • PIPSC CMAT Consultation Team: Stewards (Shaochun, Jidong, Kumar) at CMAT (Shaochun, Jidong)
  • Meeting closed  at 7:40 pm (Xin, Ruby)

Action Items

  • Shaochun to revise CMAT WPHSC Terms of Reference based on the discussions in the meeting.
  • Everyone to review the revised Terms of Reference and make necessary changes.
  • Kumar to present the finalized Terms of Reference to the CMAT WPHSC.
  • Jidong and Shaochun to arrange regular meetings between the consultation team and CMAT senior management (DG & DO).
  • The consultation team to bring up the following issues discussed in the meeting to the CMAT senor management:
    • Recruitment and hiring new scientists to replace scientists retired and left.
    • More transparency on conference participation with planning.
    • Participation for all staff at various department/external committees
    • Technical training for technical staff.
    • Scientific consultation team consisting of scientists for developing new research areas.
    • Reclassification to promote technical employees who are not research scientists such as Eng, PC, CS etc.
    • Clear procedures and standards for compressed work hours.