CANMET RE – Sub Group Executive Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Time: Tuesday March 19, 2019; 17:00 Hrs

Venue: 1034 Main Street West, Hamilton

Attendees: Jidong Kang, Amjad Javaid and Kumar Sadayappan

  • The meeting started with the president J. Kang welcoming the group at 17:05.
  • Dr. Kang distributed the agenda for the meeting
  • Discussion on the next AGM meeting was carried out. The following details were finalized
    • Date: Wednesday May 29, 2019
    • Time: 5:00 PM onwards
    • Venue: 988, King Street West, Hamilton
    • Three possible candidates were chosen to be the election officers. Jidong will approach them for acceptance.
    • The date, time and venue will be communicated to PIPSC
  • After this the committee discussed the possibility of having someone from RES negotiating team to talk in lunch and learn. Jidong to explore the opportunity.
  • The meeting was closed at 18:30 PM

CANMET RE Sub-Group Executive Committee Meeting

1034 King Street West, Hamilton, ON, L8S 1L5

5:00 – 7:00 PM, Tuesday March 19, 2019

Invitees: Jidong Kang, Amjad Javaid, Kumar Sadayappan


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of last minutes
  4. New Business
    1. Preparation for AGM
  5. Adjournment