Fellow RE Group members:

The deadline for the Employer to process your retroactive pay and all salary adjustments is September 29, 2017. Some, but not all, RE Group members have already received it. In all cases, be assured that the Institute is ready to use every means at its disposal to ensure that you receive the complete, accurate amount you are owed.

It seems obvious to us that not all Group members will have received the amount they are owed by September 29th.

The steps you need to follow to report  your case status and to protect your rights if you believe that you have not received all the retroactive pay you are owed are posted on the PIPSC web site.  You can find this information at: http://www.pipsc.ca/news-issues/phoenix-pay-system.   It is recommended that you follow these steps and then wait the next two (2) pay periods to see if your situation gets rectified. If the situation is not resolved by then, you should contact your ERO to discuss the possibility of filing a grievance.

The normal deadline for submitting a grievance would be 25 working days, starting on September 29th.  When it comes to Phoenix, however, the employer has waived this deadline so that employees can go through all the administrative steps needed to obtain full information on their particular case

In Solidarity,
Your RE Group Bargaining Team