Did you know that you are entitled to a field allowance (except DS). This is the article from your collective agreement.

23.03 Field or sea research allowance

This clause does not apply to employees classified as DS.

1.    An employee who meets the conditions set forth below shall be paid a field or sea research allowance of three hundred and forty dollars ($340.00) for each fifteen (15) calendar day period, provided that:

i.    he completes a minimum of fifteen (15) calendar days on field or sea research work in a consecutive three hundred and sixty-five (365) day period,

ii.    the minimum number of days referred to in (i) is made up of periods of not less than two (2) consecutive calendar days.

2.    Once the conditions of (a)(i) and (ii) are met, an employee shall be paid on a pro rata basis for periods of field or sea research work of less than fifteen (15) calendar days.