At the close of the RE Annual General Meeting on June 2nd, your new RE Group Executive took office, as per the Elections Results from the Fall.

The first action of the new Executive was to appoint Maureen Nevins of Library and Archives Canada to the vacant position for a Historical Researcher. The second was to choose the roles of the new members. Matthew MacLeod will be continuing as President, Jean Bérubé will be continuing as Secretary, and Harold Mantel will be continuing as Treasurer. Mehran Alaee from Environment and Climate Change Canada will be taking office as Vice President. The remaining Executives will be Members-at-large.

The Executive would like to thank departing executives Denis Dion, Maurice Lamontagne, Leah Sander and Nancy Shackell for their service. We would like to particularly recognize Humayoun Akhtar upon his departure for his continuous service to the RE Group since its creation, serving multiple terms as President and guiding the Group through some of its most challenging times.