The heat is on – literally!

While the weather was breaking records just after Canada Day, your RE bargaining team met with the representatives from Treasury Board and management for the second time from July 4 – 6.

This session focused on filling several placeholders from our initial book of proposals, and presenting the case for our non-monetary demands, including: 

  • research continuity during parental and family leave
  • lobbying for consistent internet bandwidth to do our work
  • expanding the application of domestic violence leave, bereavement leave for miscarriage, coverage for operational stress injuries and improvements to the existing conference attendance clauses

Despite 3 long days of negotiations, we didn’t come to an agreement on any specific item, but a lot of progress was made. We expect some solid wins for our members during our next session, which is scheduled for September 26 – 28. We know that pay concerns are top of mind, and we plan on tabling our pay demands in our next session.

The proposals we tabled last session and posted in our previous update contained a number of placeholders. In the linked document you will find complete initial proposals in those areas.


Your RE bargaining team