As you’re likely now aware, OSFI has officially implemented a Return to Office policy starting in July 2023. The vast majority of our members are now required to report to an OSFI office in person, 4 days a month starting on July 10, 2023, with a plan to increase that to 8 days a month starting in December 2023.


OSFI will also begin reporting the monthly compliance statistics to sector heads, who will receive a monthly report of data for their respective sectors,  concerning compliance with the policy.


It is unfortunate that OSFI has chosen to proceed on this basis, at a time when the Treasury Board has negotiated agreements with other unions to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach.


Concerns raised by PIPSC members in light of this requirement have ranged from workplace safety, availability of office and basic equipment, network capacity, breach of work agreements, accommodation issues, before and after school childcare availability, and so on.


Concerning childcare, for workers who are parents, there is the additional challenge of suddenly needing before and after school care – at a time when these types of programs are long-since booked solid.


These logistical problems are not only bad for morale, they are also hindering the work we do to keep the country’s most important institutions operating smoothly and productively.


This issue remains a priority for our members and the OSFI Group bargaining team.  For OSFI to proceed on this basis unilaterally at a time when we are seeking to negotiate telework language at the bargaining table constitutes a potential statutory freeze violation under the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act. PIPSC wrote to Superintendent Routledge on March 3, 2023, confirming our position and suggested that return to office, hybrid work and telework would be best discussed at the bargaining table.


As OSFI has chosen to knowingly continue with a blanket return to office directive for all employees, PIPSC will proceed with a complaint to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board.


Until such time as this matter is determined by the Board, members are required to comply with management’s direction. In the meantime, we will continue in our efforts to enshrine appropriate telework and hybrid work provisions in our collective agreement. 


For more information about your rights - Return to Office, click here.  

In solidarity, 

OSFI Bargaining Team, PIPSC