Dear colleagues,

As you know, we have assembled a bargaining team to tackle the negotiations of our collective agreement, which expired in July 2022. The engagement from our RO/RCO community has been astounding. The data gathered through the survey sent in the spring and our discussions with you have greatly helped orient our work to best represent our collective interests at the table.

The negotiation process has understandably generated a lot of questions. To answer your concerns, we are organizing "NRC-RO/RCO Bargaining 101" sessions in French and English, where we will present some background and context on collective agreements and negotiations in the federal public sector. Note that specific priorities, demands and strategy will not be covered as those are confidential at this time.

In this spirit, we would like to invite you to attend this short seminar in the language of your choice and invitations will be sent to you by email.

As no live interpretation is planned, you will be able to attend the session on the date and time that works for you and in the official language you prefer.

French: December 19, 12-1pm (ET)

English: December 13, 12-1pm (ET), Dec. 19 3-4pm (ET)

Note that the second English language session is to accommodate our colleagues in Western Canada.

In solidarity,


Cathy Cheung and Simon Drouin

for the NRC RO-RCO Executive and Bargaining Team