The Pay Equity Committee at NRC has been working to develop a proactive pay equity plan. The committee is composed of bargaining agent representatives, including a PIPSC member and staff, non-represented employees and employer representatives. We have reviewed data to ascertain the proper job class and gender predominance for these groups. There are many steps in building a pay equity plan, and at the appropriate time, we may conduct interviews with incumbents in specific roles for clarification. These are not performance reviews.  The interviews may result in adjusting our job evaluation tool ensuring we are capturing activities that are relevant to the work conducted at NRC. Once we have completed these steps, the Pay Equity Committee will review female predominant jobs with comparable male predominant jobs to determine if there are any wage disparities. A draft report will be published to allow all employees at NRC to comment. Once we have completed the final report, any wage gaps in female dominated positions will be adjusted for all employees in that job class. The draft report is required mid-2024 followed by wage adjustments, if any, later in the year.

Members with questions or feedback can contact PIPSC at