Significant Changes at NRC – Workforce Adjustments and Canada Innovation Corporation




Dear members,

Several significant changes have been announced at NRC in the last few months. The intent of this update is to assure you that the RO/RCO group leaders have been actively involved in limited consultation with NRC on these topics and are pushing to engage in further productive dialogue to protect the interests of and mitigate the impact on our members.

First, as you are aware, the Government of Canada announced in February that NRC IRAP will be integrated into the new Canada Innovation Corporation (CIC) Crown corporation and released a blueprint with an initial budget of $2.6 billion over four years. Its mandate will be similar to IRAP’s in driving Canadian business investment in research and development (R&D) and fostering economic growth. Over the next 24 months, IRAP will be transitioning to this new Corporation with a plan for all staff to be absorbed with minimal impact to current roles, seniority, benefits, and pensions.

PIPSC President Jennifer Carr has heard from concerned members on this significant change. There are many unknowns at this stage, and we are seeking clarifications as to what all the implications will be. Some of these key questions revolve around the nature of the relationship IRAP will have with other organizations, while others concern staffing, operational issues, and whether PIPSC will stay the union representatives.

Rest assured that we, as your NRC-RO/RCO representatives, and other PIPSC staff are committed to taking any and all next steps necessary to ensure that your best interests are always at the forefront of these impactful and significant changes, and to help oversee a smooth transition with the transfer of all benefits and privileges afforded by the NRC-RO/RCO collective agreement. Our group is working closely with PIPSC leadership to have meaningful consultations with NRC to ensure your rights are respected, your concerns are addressed, and emerging information is reported to members as the situation evolves.

On another front, several workforce adjustments (WFA) have occurred at NRC in the last 8 months, specifically at Nanotechnology (NANO) in September 2022, Aquatic and Crop Resource Development (ACRD) in February 2023, and Energy, Mining, and the Environment (EME) in February 2023. These changes have directly impacted a number of our RO and RCO colleagues, with 21 RO and RCO positions declared surplus between the three events (3 NANO, 10 ACRD, 8 EME). Our PIPSC employment relations officers and RO/RCO stewards have been working closely with affected individuals to help them through the turmoil. NRC has the right to make these decisions, but must do so following the WFA provisions in the collective agreement (

As a major strategic planning exercise is underway across NRC, it is important to provide input and see your work and expertise captured in the strategic plan for the unit. We do not know at this time if there are more workforce adjustments coming, but we are pushing NRC to ensure that we are properly consulted in advance to examine the business case and mitigate the impact on our members.

PIPSC and your NRC-RO/RCO representatives remain staunchly dedicated to defending your rights and ensuring your interests are well heard through these significant events. Feel free to reach out to your stewards and the RO/RCO executive members if you have questions or want to raise points to bring up in consultation.

In solidarity,

Cathy Cheung,

For the NRC-RO/RCO group executive