The National Research Council – Research Officers/Research Council Officers (NRC-RO/RCO) Group executive is seeking nominations for 4 vacancies on the executive for a two-year term.

Once the vacancies are filled, the committee members will decide the named officer positions.

Submit your nomination by October 14, 2023 using the form below. Please disconnect from the government's VPN and use a personal device in order to ensure the form loads.

The nomination and election process is governed by our Group Constitution and By-Laws.

Here is a summary of the process:

  • Nominations must be supported by at least 2 Group members
  • Nominees may submit a short biographical sketch about themselves and why they want to be an executive member (maximum 200 words).  These bios will be posted and accessible to all voting members.
  • The Elections Committee will review the nominations to make sure nominees are eligible
  • If the number of nominees exceeds the number of vacant positions, a vote will be held.

As a member of the group executive, your role is to:

  • further the professional interests of the members
  • protect the status and standards of our profession
  • represent the views of the members on matters affecting them
  • ensure that the interests of the Group are represented in all proceedings of the employer and of the union

This is a voluntary role, and you will be eligible for union leave to cover your salary to participate in union activities during regular work hours. The executive meets approximately 6 times per year, with a mix of virtual and in-person. 

In-person meetings are most often in Ottawa, but occasionally in other locations within Canada. You may be required to attend additional meetings and/or to participate in other activities between formal sittings of the Executive.