The Award and Recognition Committee has reviewed the nominations for the first year of the RO/RCO Award and Recognition Program.  The Committee is pleased to provide an award to the following members:


  1. Suwas Nikumb is receiving an award for Contributions to the RO/RCO Community.  

Suwas has been a PIPSC steward for nearly 13 years. He has organized many member events, including annual Christmas socials, Lunch & learns, bowling and basketball events, and used these opportunities to engage with our members. During his working years at NRC, Suwas used his experience to mentor early career members at NRC-London. He guided them in their research directions, introduced PIPSC activities in order to integrate members with the NRC local community and help guide their career development. As a PIPSC Steward, Suwas worked hard to fulfill PIPSC objectives by participating in various campaigns, e.g., Better Together, providing information and distributing literature & giveaways. He also served on the RO/RCO Executive Committee for two years. Colleagues at NRC-London regarded Suwas as their "big brother". He has earned great respect from his colleagues not only at NRC but also at the PIPSC London branch.


  1. Amanj Rahman is receiving an award for Promoting Health & Safety in the Workplace  

Amanj is leading the safe work procedure at the Ocean Coastal and River Engineering Centre in Ottawa and estuarine OCRE - National Research Council Canada, Ottawa. He has successfully managed to schedule review meetings for hundreds of the existing as well as new items regarding the safe work procedure at the M32 lab. In addition to this, he is a member of COSH and contributed in the inspection of safety and health of the work environment at OCRE-NRC. Amanj has been a key ambassador in the promotion of health and safety at the NRC.


  1. Cathy Cheung is receiving an award for Leadership and Advancement of the PIPSC RO/RCO 

In recognition of her exceptional dedication, leadership, and tireless efforts within our union. Cathy has served as the President of the RO/RCO Group for the past six years. Her tenure has been marked by significant advancements in our group's objectives, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Cathy’s ability to navigate complex negotiations, advocate for member rights, and inspire collective action has been pivotal in enhancing our group’s stature within the union. She has been instrumental in organizing numerous successful events, workshops, and meetings that have greatly benefited members. Her initiatives in promoting professional development and advocating for workplace equity have made a lasting impact on our community. Her proactive approach and keen insights into union matters have greatly influenced our group's strategic direction. She has been a vocal advocate for our members, ensuring our voices are heard and concerns are addressed at the highest levels. Her efforts have not only strengthened our group internally but have also enhanced PIPSC's reputation as a whole. Her impact over the past seven years as the group executive member has been profound.


  1. Pat Loder is receiving an award for Exceptional Effort

Pat has served as President of the NRC Consultation Team (2015-2021 and 2023). She has been involved in consultation on policy development and revisions with the employer, including with respect to policies on scientific integrity, harassment, and violence in the workplace, as well as work on client interactions guidelines; Inventor and Innovators Awards; guidelines for the Code of Conduct; Facilities management (NRC workplace); NCOSH policies. She has served as a member of the NRC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, ensuring active members are on the NRC NCOSH committee and all NRC COSH committees. She has developed work plans and budgets for the Consultation team - a 12-person team across Canada and within NRC. She has promoted the establishment of Labor Management Consultation committees within NRC to encourage communication and to resolve issues at an informal level before they escalate. She has served as the PIPSC Steward responsible for Phoenix issues at NRC, advocating for members impacted by phoenix and transfers, Maternity and Parental leave, pension overpayment, BC Health Care, collective Agreement adjustments, Amended T4s, Retirees. Pat is known and respected for her exceptional efforts, capped by exceptional accomplishments in a variety of broad initiatives.


  1. Samira Lotfi is receiving an award for Contributions to the RO/RCO Community  

As an early career researcher, she is co-chairing the EME-Early Career Committee. The mandate of the Committee is to address the challenges and concerns that early careers at EME are facing which include: navigating EME as a new employee; introducing EME to new employees; collaborating/networking within EME within NRC, and outside of NRC; accessing (or having knowledge of available) resources, opportunities, funding; identifying career progression pathways; and reducing administrative burden. Samira is leading the EME-Early Career newsletter which introduces the Committee members and keeps members informed of committee actions, serves as a ‘one stop shop’ for information on upcoming events and opportunities within EME, and highlights early career member achievements. As a COSH committee member, she shares committee discussions regarding safety with other team members to increase their knowledge. She actively participates in union meetings and encourages other RO/RCOs to participate as well.

The Awards and Recognition Committee congratulates our winners for their significant contributions and for garnering the recognition and admiration of their peers. The Committee will be in contact, in February 2024, to provide the winners with a $100.00 gift card and a Certificate.