This is your voter’s kit for the election of the NR Group Executive. Voting will take place by electronic means only.

You will find enclosed your personal ballot key.

This year, we will be electing 6 regional representatives to the NR group executive:

For the NCR region, there are three (3) two year term positions.

For the Québec, Ontario and Prairie regions there is each one (1) two year term position.



  NCR Representative

  (3 positions)

 Cousineau, Yves

 GoodMurphy, Jamie

 Kirkby, Tim

 Oakes, Sherry

 Smith, Cameron

 Scarlett, Donna

  Ontario Representative (1 position)

 Mohammed, Asif (acclaimed)

  Prairie (1 position)

 Buttau, Hugo (acclaimed)

  Québec Representative (1 position)

 Thibodeau, Luc

 Hassan Skali

Voter Eligibility

Members in good standing of PIPSC in the NR Group are eligible to vote.

Resumes Submitted By Candidates

Candidate resumes can be viewed on the PIPSC Web site when you vote.

NOTE: The resumes submitted have been reproduced without corrections to a maximum of the first 200 English words. The translated versions were produced by PIPSC translators.

Please read all materials carefully to ensure that your vote will be counted.

Deadline for on-line voting: Wednesday, February 2nd 2022 at 12PM EST

Elections Committee
Edmund (Ted) Mitchell-Molyneux