PSPC NCR NR sub-group Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7 December 2017, 11:45 am to 1:15 pm

Four Points Sheraton Hotel & Conference Centre, 35 Laurier Street, Gatineau, QC – Renaissance Room


Adel Iskandar (AI) President

Robert Porter(RP) Vice-President

Niraj Chandra (NC) Secretary

Robert Salvador (RS) Treasurer

Joseph Wong (JW) Member at large

Timothy Ma (RS) Member at large

Elaine DeCoursey(ED)Member at large

Kostyatin Frolov (KF)Member at large


Lyse Blanchet Member at large

Cameron Smith Member at large

Kashyap Desai Member at large


Stephane Aubry (SA) Vice-President PIPSC

Yves Cousineau (YC) President NR Group


Regular members in attendance : 37


Items : Subjects
Action/OPI : Deadline

1 Registration

RP provided administrative information prior to opening the AGM.

Nil : Nil

2. President’s welcoming remarks

AI declared the AGM open and welcomed everyone to the AGM and presented the guests and members of the sub-group executive. He asked to hold a minute of silence for those who have passed in the past year.

AI : Nil

3 Agenda

Proposed by NC, 2nd by JW, passed (by majority vote)

AI : Nil

4. Adoption of the 2016 AGM minutes

Proposed by NC, 2nd by KF. No changes, passed.

AI : Nil

5. President’s Report

AI outlined the efforts of the executive on several issues and activities throughout 2017, including participation in Labor Management Consultation Committee (LMCC) for PPB. See report attached.

NC added comments about his participation in the LMCC for RPB that included discussions about the office move on the 8th floor of PDP III. 2017 executive activities and report tabled, 2nd by ED and passed.

AI : Nil

6. Treasurer Report and Budget Approval

RS provided an overview of the expense and revenues related to 2017. James Scarlett asked about purchasing teleconferencing equipment for the Lunch & Learn (L&L) session. RS encouraged all to submit requirement to the executive. RP confirmed that WebEx and teleconferencing will be used for future L&L sessions. Report & Budget proposed by RS, 2nd by M. Quinn. There was a round of applause for the excellent work done by RS as Treasurer of the sub-group.

New sub-group Executive to use Web-Ex for L&L sessions and strive to hold one of these sessions in a location outside of Place du Portage III. : 2018

7. Elections

TM, ED and KF proceeded with the elections, held in two stages. During Stage 1, elections were held for the two-year term positions. Five positions were up for renewal and four of the previous incumbents agreed to run again. They were: AI, JW, NC & RP.

A nomination for Maurice Quinn (MQ) was made, he accepted and all the five positions were filled by acclamation. During Stage 2, three positions were available due to departures from the executive and 5 candidates were nominated: Robert Godbout (RG), Thuc Van Quan (TQ), Brian Boyd (BB), David Malkin (DM) and Patricia Godin (PG). A balloting and voting process was started (See item 10).

Info : Nil

8. Workplace Renewal Initiative

RP discussed the Workplace Renewal Initiative that he has been actively involved in, on behalf of the union. He described the various steps in the consultations with senior management, and he suggested the appointment of one person in the sub-group dedicated to the Workplace Renewal Initiative issues. He confirmed that the sub-group position would be to: “require that the workplace be adapted to the functions and work of engineers and architects, not the other way around”.

NC mentioned the sub-group employee survey relating to the office move in the 8th floor of PDP III.

New sub-group Executive to run a L&L session on WRI. : 2018

9. Keynote Speakers:

YC explained the PIPSC Branch and sub-group structure. He indicating that the agreement has been signed and that TB has 120 days to provide retro pay. Within the new agreement, professional accreditation is reimbursed and not considered as revenue. If the job requires multiple accreditation, these can also be reimbursed. The professional development consultation is enshrined as well with RPS leading with a committee. He explained how to validate your proper gross pay with the Phoenix pay stub by multiplying 26.088 x 75hour/pay amount and that the pay increase has not made “parity with the private sector”. He finished by explaining how members can get involved by either becoming a steward, participating in IPSC surveys and in the sub-group.

SA presented the efforts by PIPSC to have Phoenix replaced as we lost faith that the government will be able to fix this system. PIPSC will be supporting personal grievances and also policy grievances to compensate for hardship.

Info : Nil

10. Election Results

During the first ballot, TQ and BB had the most votes, but there was a tie between RG and PG so a run-off vote was cast and RG had the most votes.

TM : Nil

11. New Business and Prize Draw

No new business was raised. RS proceeded with the door prizes to the entertainment of all remaining members.

RS : Nil

12. Adjournment

Moved by MQ, 2nd by Andrew Cudowski, passed by all. AI formally closed the AGM.

Info : Nil


Annex A: PSPC NCA NR Sub-Group President’s Report

Annex B: PSPC NCA NR Sub-Group Treasurer’s Report and Budget

Annex C: Election Results

Prepared by: Niraj Chandra, P Eng.

Secretary NCR NR sub-group

Dated: 08 Dec 2017

ANNEX A: PSPC NCA NR Sub-Group President’s Report

ANNEX B: Treasurer’s Report

ANNEX C: PIPSC- PSPC NCA NR Sub-Group - Elections

Two-year term Executive Members (to end of 2019)

  1. Adel Iskandar
  2. Joseph Wong
  3. Niraj Chandra
  4. Robert Porter
  5. Maurice Quinn

One-year term Executive Members (to end of 2018)

  1. Thuc Van Quan (Replaced Kostyantyn Frolov)
  2. Brian Boyd (Replaced Tim Ma)
  3. Robert Godbout (Replaced Robert Salvador)
  4. Lyse Blanchet
  5. Elaine DeCoursey
  6. Cameron Smith