Canadians deserve the highest standards of government expertise possible. They deserve public services that are second-to-none, accountable, secure, cost effective, and transparent. 

The NR group is forming a committee to study de-professionalization and to recommend to the NR Group an action plan for recognition of having professionals in the federal public service by the public and the employer, of the need for integrity of professional advice as the basis for every decisions, specifically on the effect of technology and process upon the environment, real property, safety, security and prosperity of the public.

The committee will consist of NR members from various departments, occupations and classifications.  Please identify your interest in this work by completing the attached form and returning it to by 6pm Ottawa time on October 31, 2018.

Thank You for your interest in the work of the NR Group.
Asif Mohammed, P.Eng.


Position title:
Does your Department currently engage in De-professionalization?  
If yes, describe the type of activity involved.
Explain why are you interested in the De-professionalization Action Plan?