On behalf of your NR Bargaining Team, here is the latest NR Group Bargaining news since our last update.

  1. We had hybrid bargaining sessions with the Treasury Board on August 29, 30, 31, as well as October 24, 25, 26.
  2. We exchanged proposals with the Treasury Board on those dates. Bargaining was active and productive, as both parties agreed on some items.
  3. We are preparing a further response to the Treasury Board, and our team will convene virtually on November 24, before bargaining in-person with the Treasury Board on December 12, 13, and 14.
  4. Our bargaining team will meet following the next bargaining session to determine our next steps.
  5. The PIPSC Strategic Bargaining Committee held meetings on August 25, and September 20 where we were updated on the progress other groups have made bargaining with the Treasury Board. The AFS Group was on the arbitration path but concluded a tentative settlement prior to reaching that stage. Both the IT and SP Groups have also reached tentative settlements, and are sharing details with our team.

Your NR bargaining team is working hard to bring you the best deal, and hope to share more news before year's end.

We are still scheduling bargaining update meetings with NR subgroups. If your subgroup would like an in-person or virtual update, please have your NR Subgroup contact our Subgroup Coordinator, Pierre Richard, at prichard@pipsc.ca, to schedule a meeting.

Until next time, we are better together.


Hugo Buttau, P.Eng.
PIPSC NR Bargaining Coordinator