We had a very successful Executive Meeting and Sub-group Presidents meeting on April 28-29, 2023. 

Group Executive 2023

At the first meeting of the 2023 executive on April 28, 2023, elections were held for the regionally elected members to serve on the NR Group Executive, for the following positions:



Gary Corbett, Retired, NCR Representative.


David A. Young, NCR Representative.


Dale Hudson, Atlantic Representative.


John Eng, NCR Representative.

Chief Steward:

Lynn Mayes, NCR Representative.

Communications Coordinator

Asif Mohammed, Ontario Representative.

Sub-Group Coordinator:

Pierre G. Richard, Quebec Representative.

Bargaining Coordinator:

Hugo Buttau, Prairies Representative.

Delegate Selection Coordinator:

Kimberly Hradecky, NCR Representative.

Membership Coordinator: 

Yves R. Cousineau, NCR Representative.

Member at Large

Sherry Oake, Member, NCR Representative.

Member at Large

Rong (Sunny) Wang, BC/Yukon Representative.

Member at Large

Luc Thibodeau, Quebec Representative.




NR Executive Committee Members 2023

Elected NR Executive for 2023 at the meeting held in Toronto, Ontario.

Left to Right first row: Asif Mohammed, John Eng, Gary Corbett, Sherry Oake, David Young, Sunny Wang.
Left to Right second row: Yves Cousineau, Dale Hudson, Pierre Richard, Hugo Buttau.
Lynn Mayes, Kimberly Hradecky, and Luc Thibodeau joined virtually at the executive meeting.

Summary of Executive Meeting April 28, 2023

During our NR executive meeting, various reports were presented on Bargaining, Contracting Out, Group Membership, Sub-group activities and De-professionalization. The executive received a presentation from DND Staffing at ADM MAT regarding a proposed non-advertised process for staffing ENG 04s, 05s & 06s.


Tim Kirkby and Gary Corbett

Tim Kirkby, Past President of the NR Group, and Gary Corbett, Current President of NR Group.

Summary of Subgroup Presidents Meeting April 29, 2023

Reports from each subgroup were offered by the sub-group representatives when they shared information about their subgroup's local issues and activities. The representatives also provided feedback for the group's strategic planning, bargaining, as well as their expectations on communications for the members. They also provided good feedback on the proposal to address Contracting Out at DND and anticipated funding for this initiative. Several members present offered to assist with this initiative.

The report on the Certification of Technologists in New Brunswick was presented. The engineering technology act in the province of New Brunswick has been amended allowing technologists to take on more engineering work. The impacts of such a change on our members and the public were discussed in the meeting.

We held both these meetings in person as well as via ZOOM.

Sub-Group Presidents

Sub-group President's Meeting picture taken on April 29, 2023, in Toronto, Ontario.
In the picture, all presidents and their representatives attended the annual Presidents' meeting.

SG Presidents Meeting in Progress

Sub-group Presidents’ Meeting in progress


Future Events

Strategic Planning Meeting – July 08, 2023

NR AGM 2023 details will be posted on the NR website for the group's annual general meeting.

PIPSC AGM 2023 Refer to the PIPSC webpage for further details. NR Group has selected the delegates for the PIPSC AGM that will take place on November 26-28, 2023.



Well, that is the update for now. I will post our next NR Group newsletter in the coming months.

As always, on behalf of your NR Group Executive, thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and stay informed on our Group activities.

Hope everyone has a happy and enjoyable summer and manage to get a bit of downtime to relax with family and friends.

Our next event is the Group AGM with more details to come.

We are better together.

Asif Mohammed, P. Eng.
PIPSC NR Group Communications Coordinator.