Request for Committee Involvement

Contracting Out (or Outsourcing) is the use of external resources (including retired Federal employees) to deliver services that would normally be carried out by Federal Government Employees. Our members have reported an ever increasing number of situations where external contractors are being engaged in this manner.  This type of activity has both short and long term impacts on the NR work force.  

The NR Group Executive is looking for stewards and/or active members who are interested in being involved in developing a Contracting Out Action Plan which will address outsourcing of NR work within the public service.   Although other PIPSC groups have undertaken similar efforts to identify such activities, this committee will focus on contracts which impact directly on NR members (Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors).

The committee will consist of NR members from various departments, regions and classifications.  Members who have an interest in any of the following initiatives should consider applying:

  • Documenting examples of outsourcing within the various departments
  • Showing why outsourcing is not good for NR members or our employers
  • Identifying possible approaches that the NR Group can use to highlight the issues associated with Contracting Out
  • Providing wording associated with outsourcing that we would like to see incorporated in the next round of collective bargaining
  • Working with other PIPSC groups to develop a common approach to outsourcing

The NR Group Executive is inviting all interested NR members to respond to the NR Group’s Contracting Out Committee Chair, Dale Hudson, (  The goal will be to find interested representatives from various departments and Regions so we can appreciate the extent of this issue as it impacts our NR members.

Please identify your interest in this work by completing the attached form and returning it by 6pm Eastern Time on February 21, 2018. 

Thank You for your interest in the work of the NR Group.

Dale Hudson, P.Eng.

NR Group Contracting Out Committee


Contracting Out Offer of Assistance
Are you a Steward:
Does your Department currently engage in outsourcing?
I appreciate that the committee may not be able to accommodate all NR members interested in this initiative, if I am not chosen to be on the committee, I would like to be a friend of the committee and share ideas and information about Contracting Out.