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Bargaining Bulletin #9

Bargaining Update for PIPSC NR Members

1.Your NR Bargaining Team has achieved the following improvements to our contract, beyond the Central Table improvements:

Salary Market Adjustment Increase: 0.8% Year One And 0.2% Year Two, above the Central Table Economic Increase;
Total of 2.8% Oct 01. 2018; 2.2% Oct 01, 2019; 1.5% Oct 01, 2020; 1.5% Oct 01, 2021

Travelling Time: Traveling Time Increase to 15 Hours straight time, from 12 Hours, with no North America restriction

Travel Status: Leave Qualification Period reduced From 40 nights To 20 nights

Bereavement Leave With Pay: Definition of family expanded

Leave Without Pay For The Care Of Family: Definition of family expanded

Leave With Pay For Family-Related Responsibilities: Definition of family expanded

Diving Allowance: Increased from $15 To $25 per hour

No Discrimination: Added genetic characteristics

Sea Trials: Expanded Applicability

New MoU for Office Space

New: Professional Integrity

2. The complete Agreement will be issued by month-end, followed by a NR Town Hall teleconference to be scheduled. Note that this NR Town hall is separate from the Central Table Town Hall scheduled for June 12.

3. Following the NR teleconference, we will be scheduling a NR ratification vote on the proposed Agreement.

Please check your email or PIPSC NR webpage regularly for further details

Thanks again from your NR Bargaining Team