Submit your application for an available Executive position by October 31, 2022, at 12:00 PM (noon) ET using the form below.

The NR Group is seeking applications for the following 2-year positions:

  • 1 Atlantic
  • 1 Quebec
  • 1 BC/Yukon
  • 4 National Capital Region

We are also accepting applications for the following 1-year position:

  • 1 National Capital Region

Members are encouraged to participate in this union leadership opportunity, especially if they identify as members of an equity-seeking group.

The nomination and election process is governed by our constitution and by-laws.

Here is a summary of the process:

In accordance with the NR Group Constitution, Elections By-Law, the Group Elections Committee is sending out a call for nominations for the following 8 positions on the NR Group Executive: 5 in the National Capital Region, 1 Atlantic, 1 BC/Yukon and 1 in Quebec.

All regular and retired PIPSC members who are members of the NR group are eligible to run in their region. The nomination form must be signed by the designated member indicating that the member is ready to serve if elected and must be signed by at least 5 members of the NR group. Emails indicating acceptance to nominate are equivalent to real signatures in these pandemic times.

As a member of the Group Executive your role is to exercise the authority of the Group and act on its behalf on all matters subject to this Constitution between General Meetings of the Group.

The objective of the Group is to:

  • negotiate the collective agreement and promote the professional interests of its members
  • protect the status and standards of their profession
  • formulate and express the views of members on matters affecting them
  • ensure that the interests of the Group are represented in all employer and PIPSC proceedings that may affect the Group

The Group Executive speaks on behalf of the Group in its dealings with PIPSC. This in no way affects the right of individuals to address PIPSC on their own behalf.

It is a voluntary role. The executive meets approximately 6 times a year.

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