Your bargaining team met with the employer from March 7 – 9 for our fourth session of in-person negotiations.

Given the lack of progress made at our last session, your team entered the session hopeful that the employer would be willing to meaningfully negotiate all of the non-monetary proposals we discussed in our previous sessions. Unfortunately, once again, this was not the case and little progress was made towards settling on changes for a renewed collective agreement.

We also entered this session with the understanding that both parties would present our monetary demands. Your team was prepared to present ours, but the employer indicated that they were not ready to present theirs until the next session.

Our next session is scheduled for May 9 – 11, with a further session tentatively planned for June.  We will be prepared to discuss our complete package of proposals and hope that the employer comes to the table prepared to meaningfully negotiate on all of the outstanding non-monetary issues and to table their monetary proposal.

Thank you for your continued engagement in the bargaining process and support of your bargaining team.

In the near future, your bargaining team will be sending an invitation to all members to attend a Town Hall meeting with us to discuss both the state of negotiations and the employer's return to office plans. We highly encourage you to attend this session.

We invite you to download the attached Teams wallpaper to use as your background in support of your bargaining team.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

In solidarity,

Anne-Marie Erickson
NEB Group Bargaining Chair, PIPSC