2017 PIPSC NavCanada West Subgroup AGM Minutes

Date: 4:30 pm, Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Location: KS on the Keys Restaurant, 1029 Dazé St, Ottawa, ON K1V 2G3

Attendance: 27 (includes 2 guests, M. Simard, main group President and M. Blais, Ottawa South Branch president).

The AGM was called to order at 5:45 pm. by D, Marleau, the sub-group president who introduced himself, the guests and the members of the subgroup executive.

Agenda Item 1 – Approval of Agenda

Motion to accept the agenda as presented. Moved by: J. Stalica.  Seconded by: V. Nguyen.

Result: Carried.

Agenda Item 2 - Roll Call

The roll was called by the secretary.  Present were: D. Marleau (president), T. Nguyen (vice president) , J. Morton (secretary), J. Liu (treasurer) and Z. Zhang (member at large).  Absent: None

Agenda Item 3 – Adoption of Minutes from last AGM

Copies of the minutes for the previous AGM (November 29, 2016) were provided to all attendees. A minor typo needs correction: the spelling of J. Stalica's last name.No other issues were raised.  Motion: "To accept the minutes of the 2016 AGM, as amended", Moved by J. Stalica, Seconded by: V. Nguyen. Result: Carried

Agenda Item 4 – Amendments to the sub-group by-laws

No modifications were proposed.

Agenda Item 5 - Presidents Report

The president provided an overview of the year's events. Items of note are that the Lunch & Learn sessions were at capacity and that "Steward Shirt Thursdays" are being noticed by management. We have renewed our Ottawa Flying Club membership, which allows us (at no cost) to use their classroom for Lunch & Learns, information sessions (Bill C-27), etc, The president outlined Bill C-27 and how it can affect member's pension interests. Also covered were potential Lunch & Learn topics and how not winning contracts affects our "commercial" members (the company's intent is to move them to other areas of the company). Questions from the floor about these (and other) subjects were answered by the president.

Agenda Item 6 - Annual Financial Report

Copies were provided to all attendees. The treasurer presented the report and answered questions about the report, Motion: “To accept the financial report as presented”. Moved by: T. Wong Seconded: N. Garg. Vote result: Carried.

Agenda Item 7 – Guest Speakers

M. Blais explained the purpose of the Ottawa South Branch and it's relationship to the subgroup. The history of Bill C27 was summarized. Also covered was the steps taken by the OSB (in coodination with other groups such as our subgroup) to inform the public on how the propsed bill affects them, their pension security, and indirectly, how the bill affects unions. Questions raised from the floor about the bill were answered.

M. Simard covered the events since the last subgroup AGM. The main topic was a wrapup of contract negotiations and the resulting changes in the signed contract. The major items covered were severence payout, flex time (details to be finalized) and classification. Questions raised on these and other contract clauses were answered. Also covered was his role on the NJSC and that the company's group savings plan (RRSP) is now open to all members,

The executive thanked both guests for their presentations to the AGM.

Agenda Item 8 – Subgroup Executive Elections

Elections were held for the President, Treasurer and Member at Large.

At the close of the advance notice period there was 1 nomination for President (D. Marleau), 1 for Treasurer (J. Liu) and 1 for Member at Large (Z.Zhang). The elections were opened for nominations from the floor.

President: No nominations from the floor. D Marleau acclaimed.

Treasurer: No nominations from the floor. J. Liu acclaimed.

Member at Large: No nominations from the floor. Z. Zhang acclaimed

The executive thanked M. Diec (president), D. Fok and Q. Fan for their work on the election committee.

Agenda Item 9 – New Business

No new business.

Agenda Item 10 - Adjournment

The executive thanked M. Simard for presiding over the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.