NAV CANADA Executive Meeting October 12, 2018

Marriott Residence Inn – Laurier Avenue

Ottawa, ON


President (MS)

Vice President (PT)

Secretary (EF)

Treasurer (PV)

Member at Large (MD)

Member at Large (MK)

Member at Large (LD)

1. Call to order / MS

8:39 AM

Noting that Brad Whitson is attending as a regional consultation team member.

Noting that the Treasurer (PV) is late.

2. Adoption of agenda / Executive

Moved by EF. Seconded by MK.

3. Approval of Minutes of April 13, 2018 / Executive

Moved by PT. Seconded by MD.

4. Meeting with Senior Management / Executive

Discussed the engagement survey results and a round table to talk about the challenges that caused the low engagement numbers.

5. Business arising from previous minutes / Executive

Discussed the Engagement survey and provided feedback to the CEO on anonymity of the survey as well.

6. President Update / MS

  • Lunch and Learns -- Flex Work Arrangements
  • Management style in Francine’s group
  • Management concerns in Danielle Desbiens group
  • Management messaging under Robert Cook
  • Attended the NAV Cannabis Symposium in May.
  • Attended the NCR Regional Council
  • Attended the Steward Council
  • Attended the PIPSC Advisory Council
  • NCJC Benefits meeting in April
  • Telephone conference regarding Sick Leave policies i.e. When should an employer be allowed to request that an employee release medical information to third party
  • Consultation with HR re OSI process
  • Chaired Group Savings Program meeting in April and September
  • Attended NAV CANADA Bargaining Agents Association Meeting
  • Second Level Grievance re Flex Work in May
  • Performance Conversations Consultation with HR
  • Participated in the NAV CANADA Scholarship selection committee.
  • Post Board update from Neil Wilson
  • NCBAA Trustees meeting (for retiree’s benefits)
  • Met with employee regarding the work they are doing and if it should fall under our Bargaining unit
  • Meeting one on one with Neil Wilson (CEO) in July regarding overall observations of our bargaining unit with regards to Engagement.
  • Leave with income averaging discussions.
  • Work Place investigation in Matt Good’s area concerning behavior of management.
  • Coordinated two days All Stewards meeting in Cornwall
  • Started Bargaining preparations with Pierre Ouellet
  • Consultation in Engineering re SAFe/Agile methodology
  • Collective Agreement review with Group from Operations delivered jointly by LR and myself.
  • Attended Information Managements All hands QBR meetings.
  • Attended and coordinated Classification Review Project Meetings
  • Successfully participated in a reclass of ENG4’s to CS4s
  • Working on survey related to Bargaining
  • Working on issue related to OSI and them constantly checking up on members during sick leave.

7. Vice-President Update / PT

  • Attended the two days All Stewards meeting in Cornwall.
  • Attended Sub group meetings.
  • Attended Classification meeting.
  • Attended the Second level grievance hearing for the policy grievance.

8. Financial Update / PV

  • Attended the NAV Cannabis Symposium on May 7th 2018.
  • Attended the two days All Stewards meeting in Cornwall.
  • Attended the Steward council.
  • Attended the Bargaining new group dinner.
  • Involved in the Eng4 to CS4 migration of a team.
  • Purchased the PIPSC visibility items for our group AGM.

Finance moved by MK. Approved by EF.

9. Secretary Update / EF

  • July 4 2018, classification meeting downtown with LR and President.
  • June 14 2018, performance meeting downtown with LR and President.
  • June 18 2018 Flex lunch and learn session at Tom Roberts.
  • July 20 2018 Consultation meeting about vacation banking with Management and LR at TSC
  • Sep 12 Bargaining dinner with LR, new group and VP of Engineering
  • Sep 13, 14 2018 two days All Stewards meeting in Cornwall.
  • Participated in the NCR Stewards Council on September 2829, 2018
  • Dealt with a member’s issue regarding his rejected banked OT Form (Advised that all managers should be getting a directive soon to allow the banked OT regardless of how much unused vacation they have)
  • Dealing with a member in regards to stress leave, OSI form, Safe/Agile process and employeemanager relation; continuing to follow up with member.
  • Assisted and answered members’ questions regarding Flex work arrangement and filling the form.
  • After the All Stewards meeting, followed up with TSC members regarding Safe/Agile process
  • October 11 2018, met with Engineering senior management and VP of Eng. discussing Safe retrospective with Change Practice Team.
  • Working on a SAFe survey that will be sent out to members in Engineering soon to get their feedback with the goal of continuous workplace improvement.

10. Members at large update – / MD/MK/LD


  • Lunch and learn sessions downtown on Flex work arrangement.
  • Attended the two days All Stewards meeting in Cornwall.


  • Attended the Steward council
  • Attended the two days All Stewards meeting in Cornwall.
  • Attended Lunch and learn sessions.
  • Attended East Sub group meetings.
  • Attended the Regional council


  • Attended the Regional council
  • Attended the two days All Stewards meeting in Cornwall.
  • Attended the Sub group meeting as Secretary
  • Attended the Sub group meet and greet.
  • Attended the Cannabis symposium in Cornwall May 2018
  • Flex work lunch and learn sessions downtown.
  • Flex work arrangement, LR meeting with IM
  • Attended the Bargaining dinner at social with LR
  • Banked overtime and vacation, management meeting with LR at TSC with Secretary(EF) and President(MS).
  • Represented members regarding the drug and alcohol policy issue.
  • Represented member regarding substance abuse.
  • Represented a member regarding a bullying case.
  • Attended the OSH local 77 Metcalfe monthly meetings.

11. Negotiations / Pierre/MS

  • MS met with Pierre the week of October 8th and they went over bargaining planning.
  • Feb21 22 Bargaining training
  • March 20, 21, 22 Bargaining prep / MS
  • Pierre: We will work on a survey to give us ideas on what we need to concentrate on.

12. Grievance Update

  • President provided an update (more info in section 6).
  • One policy grievance


  • President provided an update (more info in section 6).
  • Discussed some of the PSAC dental plan new great benefits.

14. OSH report / Brad Whitson

  • Nothing to report.
  • Investigate OSH consideration for the new Downtown location.

15. Other Business

  • PV suggested representing PIPSC and attending a cannabis conference on Nov 2425 2018 here in Ottawa Shaw Center.
  • Action item: Survey for Engineering about the SAFe process.
  • Action item: Survey for members regarding questions on new bargaining round.
  • Action Item: Jackets for the Executive to show unity and one for the stewards.

16. Adjournment / Executive

Moved by LD Seconded by PV.