AGM, December 19, 2019

Minutes taken by Anthony Kim (Vice President, acting Secretary for the AGM)

Meeting started: 12:00PM

1. Roll call



Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston


Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto


Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton


R. S. Mclaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre, Oshawa


London Regional Cancer Program, London


Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, Windsor


Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, Kitchener


The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa


Northeast Cancer Centre, Sudbury


North West Regional Cancer Program, Thunder Bay


Also attending: Jean-Paul Leduc, PIPSC negotiator




2. Approval of the 2019 agenda

A member requested a discussion surrounding role of senior physicist. This was agreed to be discussed during either the bargaining update portion of the AGM or during the round table.

Daniel Fraser motion to approve, seconded by Katie.

Motion carried by membership (i.e. no opposition votes).


3. Approval of the 2018 Minutes

Anthony Kim motion to approve, Joe Hayward seconded.

Motion carried by membership (i.e. no opposition votes).


4. Report of the President (Ryan Studinski, President)

The membership met last in October at the AGM.

Elections were held at the last AGM. Vacancies for Ottawa, the Northern centres, and the smaller centres, and Kitchener. Three physicists were nominated, and all were acclaimed.

This left one vacancy, with Josef Dubecki from St. Catherine’s filling the spot.

An executive board member from Hamilton had to be taken off the board due to that member filling an interim management position. According to by-laws, this person was no longer allowed to be on the executive. Another member from Hamilton was selected to be on the executive to replace.

At this point, the Kingston group joined in on the call. Andrew Kerr (interim manager for Kingston) was apparently in on the call. In such cases, an interim manager that still pays PIPSC dues is allowed on the AGM, but not on the allowed on the executive (as per Jean-Paul, as per the by-laws). Andrew Kerr offered to leave the meeting.

Joe Hayward argued that an interim manager should be allowed as a member of the executive, and he revealed that it was him who was the executive board member who was taken off the board.

Ryan continued: Our contract expired June 30, 2019. There was a letter of understanding between employer and employees that there would be discussion with regard to resolving the senior physicist issue. Management disagreed that the meeting was necessary and the meeting was cancelled. To clarify, the meeting was not held due to the management position, even though the union was fully prepared to meet with them.

Jean-Paul stressed that senior medical physicists would not lose anything in any of the negotiations.

Joe Hayward mentioned that the membership agreed on a committee to discuss with the employer about the senior physicist position, will this committee be reinstated?

Jean-Paul answered that the senior committee no longer exists; the matter of meeting on the senior MP issue is closed (i.e. employer does not want to meet). The original intent of the senior MP committee was to advise the bargaining committee, and now that the meeting is cancelled, the committee’s reason to exist is no longer.

Ryan continued: The contract did expire, and we gave intent to negotiate. Pre-bargaining meetings will be January 14, 15, 16 (there was a delay due to a family emergency). This resulted in a bargaining delay, so bargaining with the employer will be in early 2020.

There are no elections for 2019. We have 3 year terms. One cycle consists of: half of the executive voted in one year, half the next year, and on the third year in the cycle there is no election. 2019 is a third year in this cycle.

In 2020 there are elections for Toronto, London, and Hamilton.


5. Annual Financial Report (Paule Charland, Treasurer)

Not for publishing


6. Bargaining update (Jean-Paul Leduc, PIPSC negotiator)

Everyone has received a letter from the Ontario Federation of Labour on PIPSC’s opposition to Ontario Bill 124.

The Ontario Government is legislating Bill 124, all unions are challenging this. Part of this bill is an across-the-board economic increase of only 1%.

The bargaining team will be meeting about the summary of the bargaining survey filled out by members. The bargaining team and PIPSC will meet to generate our bargaining proposals.

If there are any updates, opinions, and requests for the bargaining team, please email a bargaining team member before January 13, as we will be having these bargaining preparation meetings January 14-16.

We will also look at grievances in the workplace for changes to the collective agreement.

We expect to commence bargaining with the employer in Feb or Mar 2020—currently in discussion with the employer on the date.

Joe Hayward opined that it is a good idea for MPs to be classified in such a way to reflect that we would have responsibilities akin to that of physicians, i.e. use radiation oncologists as a comparator. PIPSC was supposed to generate research into that. A research report was generated, and should be shared with the bargaining team.

Jean-Paul suggested posting proposals online once they are generated so that members can see.

7. Round table

Ottawa, no comment

Sunnybrook, no comment

London, no comment

Hamilton, no comment

Kingston, no comment

Oshawa, no comment

Kitchener, no comment

Sudbury, no comment

Thunder Bay: Issue brought up about Article 15, benefits will cease upon termination of employment or “Normal” retirement age. The member who spoke up would prefer them to put a number, maybe 65, 67, or 75 years of age. Perhaps we can bring this up with the employer. From Ryan: “normal retirement age” is in case the government changes the retirement age, so that the contract is adaptable. On HOOPP page, the normal retirement age is stated as 65. Jean-Paul states: retirement age is legislated, so bargaining is linked to that.

Question from another member: When is Bill 124 going for a vote? A: It is already done. It applies to all provincial employees.

Windsor, no comment

St Catherine’s, no comment

Jean-Paul reminded everyone to send a request, opinion, or comment to bargaining team members before January 13, as the executive meets between January 14-16 for bargaining preparation.

Jean-Paul stated his email address:

Bylaws are on the PIPSC website at this link:


8. Adjournment

Crystal Angers and Katie (??) moved to adjourn, and the motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:50PM