Meeting Minutes


Ontario Medical Physicists Annual Group Meeting


Thursday, May 18, 2023


2:00-3:00 PM


Zoom meeting

Current Executive Board Members:

Anthony Kim (President), Bryan Schaly (Vice President), Paule Charland (Treasurer), Daniel Provost, Kevin Diamond, Josef Dubicki and Sara Gholampourkashi



  1. Roll Call

Cancer Center

Number of members

Grand River Hospital


Hamilton Health Sciences Center


Health Sciences North


Lakeridge Health Corporation


London Health Sciences Center


Niagara Health Systems


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center


The Ottawa Hospital


Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center


Windsor Regional Hospital


Kingston Health Sciences




Also in attendance:

  • Vance Coulas, PIPSC negotiator
  • Jennifer Carr, PIPSC President


  1. Introduction of executive members
  2. Approval of the 2023 Agenda
    • Anthony introduced the agenda
    • Anthony motion to approve, seconded by Brian Keller
    • Motion carried by membership (i.e., no opposition votes)


  1. Approval of the 2022 Minutes
    • Anthony presented the website address of the previous meeting minutes, which has been sent to the members for review via the meeting invite email
    • Motion to approve, seconded by Bryan Schaly
    • Motion carried by membership (i.e., no opposition votes)
    • Business arising from the minutes: No


  1. Report of the President - Anthony Kim
    • Baochang Liu left Niagara Health for Hamilton, and Josef Dubicki was appointed as the new Niagara rep
    • Byron Wilson left The Ottawa Hospital for US and Sara Gholampourkashi was appointed as the new TOH rep
    • There were no elections last year and as per our bylaws years divisible by 3 have no elections
    • The whole board is up for 2023 elections because:
      • Sara and Josef were appointed not elected in 2022
      • Everyone else’s 3-year term is up
      • We need 1-3 volunteer to form an “Elections Committee” – Not from the executives – Please contact Anthony to sign up
      • Executive composition was reviewed to state eligibility based on the centers
    • Bill 124 review
      • Struck down last year and appealed by the government
      • ONA went into arbitration. The increases on their wages based on retroactive pay and inflation was reviewed
      • PIPSC should update us on bargaining strategy
    • Bargaining 2023
      • Previous contract expired Jun 30, 2022
      • Notice was submitted to the employer by Vance on June 16, 2022 to initiate the bargaining process
      • Julie Poon was assigned by PIPSC as new researcher to arrange the member survey
      • The bargaining team was set up to be the existing PIPSC executive members
      • Member survey was sent out in January 2023, with results compiled and discussed by the executives in April 2023
      • Next steps are to research comparator salaries in other regions and set bargaining dates
    • Membership numbers were increased from 116 in 2022 to 120 in 2023
    • At the end Anthony encouraged members to sign up for PIPSC communications by signing up at the link shown in the presentation


  1. Annual Financial Report - Paule Charland
    • Paule reviewed the budget
    • Anthony motion to approve
    • Motion carried by membership (i.e., no opposition votes)


  1. Upcoming bargaining update – Jennifer Carr & Vance Coulas
    • Jennifer Carr and Vance Coulas outlined the upcoming bargaining rounds for the Bill 124 reopener and main contract negotiations.


  1. Q & A
    • A Q&A was conducted with the members, the executive, and PIPSC negotiator.


  1. Round table
    • Final round table prior to adjournment.


  1. Adjournment
    • Meeting Adjourned: 3:07 PM