December 19th @ 12PM

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of 2018 minutes
  4. Report of the President
  5. Annual Financial Report
  6. Bargaining Update
  7. Round Table
  8. Adjournment

AGM, Oct 3 2018: Minutes of Meeting

Meeting Started: 12:00 PM

The AGM was conducted through teleconferencing.  Meeting was moderated by Ryan Studinski, President OMP.


  1. ROLL CALL: The following number of members attended the AGM
Cancer Centre Number of Members
Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston 7
Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto 16
Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton 7
R. S. Mclaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre, Oshawa 8
London Regional Cancer Program, London 13
Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, Windsor 5
Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, Kitchener 3
The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa 15
Northeast Cancer Centre, Sudbury 0
North West Regional Cancer Program, Thunder Bay 3
Total # 75



2. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA – Proposed by: Ryan Studinski (Ottawa), Seconded by:  Paule Charland and Anthony Kim.

3. APPROVAL OF THE 2017 MINUTES:  Ryan Studinski recommended the minutes be updated that 4 a. should be adjusted from “Current balance in the Ontario Medical Physicist (OMP) bank account at Bank of Montreal is $XXXX” to “Current balance in the Ontario Medical Physicist (OMP) bank account at Bank of Montreal is $2121.67” which was the balance at the time of the meeting.  Ryan Studinski proposed accepting the minutes with that change.  Seconded by: Johnson Darko and Bryan Schaly.




  1. Elections were run via PIPSC in 2017.  There were four positions up for nomination and three people, Tony Kim, Joe Hayward and Bryan Schaly, submitted their names, and were acclaimed to positions on the executive.
  2. At the last AGM the fact that we don’t have a group constitution was discussed.  In the absence of one we should be following the PIPSC model constitution.  After the meeting a committee was struck to come up with a constitution for our group. Several people expressed interest and they along with the executive were involved with crafting a constitution to be voted on later in the meeting.
  3. Election is scheduled to be held this year for the remaining three executive positions, but being delayed until clarity on the constitution, which determines how the format of the vote.
  4. The next round of bargaining is expected to be held in 2019.



  1. Vote on draft constitution.  First background was provided on the new vs. the model constitution.  Model constitution is designed to have all members in group vote for people running for specific positions on the executive.  Proposed constitution designed to operate closer to how we operate, with representation from a variety of cancer centres.  PIPSC bylaws limit the executive for a group our size to seven members, so the proposed constitution divvies up the executive positions in a specific way amongst the cancer centres.  Questions arose about what would happen under the proposed constitution if no one from a centre had any interest in the position.  Also how we would define the largest centres.  Consideration was made on having multiple votes to propose changes to the constitution before the vote.  Jean-Paul Leduc (PIPSC) spoke up and recommended that for expediency we vote on the constitution as is, knowing that it could be changed at other AGMs.  He was asked if changes could be made at other times, and he responded that by PIPSC bylaws changes could only be made at an AGM.  After that statement the proposed constitution went to a vote with the results tabulated below.
Cancer Centre Votes for Votes against
Kingston 7 0
Toronto  12 1
Hamilton  6 1
Oshawa  5 3
London  13 0
Windsor  5 0
Kitchener  3 0
Ottawa  13 0
Thunder Bay  3 0
Total # 67 5


Motion passed. New constitution to be adopted.

2. Vacant executive position.  After the last call for nominations, only three members came forward for four positions.  Attempts were made to recruit a member from a centre not already represented on the committee to fill the position, none could be found.  Ryan Studinski suggested that this vacant position be folded into the upcoming elections, which under the new constitution would be for one of the smaller cancer centres.  Approval for this move was given by spokespeople for the smaller centres.