The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba CS Group

May 9, 2019

Silver Heights Restaurant


In attendance: Rose Dong, David Hakes, Brody Bell, Ken Jackson, Pramesh Selliah, Roy Mulchand.

Regrets: Andre Saive, Kris Schellekens, Jason Caners, Dennis Savage, Curtis Gibson.


  1. Call to Order: Rose Dong called the meeting to order at 5:15pm
  2. Bylaws: Rose advises that our Subgroup bylaws have been ratified and tabled to be accepted at the national level.
  3. Previous Minutes: Rose will be sending out the previous meeting minutes for acceptance.
  4. Treasurer: Presently there are no volunteers for the position of Treasurer. Rose will send an email out to the executive canvassing for volunteers. If no one comes forward, she will continue this duty.
  5. Ideas to engage members: Ideas were sought to get members together. Some ideas proposed were:
    1. Coffee; and
    2. Pizza lunch.

David Hakes will send out messaging from PIPSC for “May 28th Day of Action”. Ideally we could host two pizza lunches, one downtown at CGC, and one at 17 Wing (DND).

  1. PIPSC Winnipeg Gathering: Pramesh advised that PIPSC is planning a weekend event at Assiniboine Park for all Winnipeg PIPSC members and their families. If there is interest, a food truck could be provided or PIPSC could rent a BBQ. Bouncy castles for children and prizes were also items that were talked about.
  2. Promotional Items: Rose would like feedback from the executive on what types of promotional items we are interested in purchasing. Money needs to be spent by Dec 31st. Some ideas were:
    1. Phone Poppers (David will get these from PIPSC);
    2. T-Shirts; and
    3. Small door prizes for May 28th Pizza lunch.
  3. Finances: Rose has advised there is currently $1541 in the bank account with an additional $1500 coming (still needs to be requested from PIPSC).
  4. Winnipeg General Strike: There will be a presentation on the Winnipeg General Strike at the National Microbiology Lab (1015 Arlington) on May 14th.
  5. CS AGM: The CS Group AGM will be held in Winnipeg this year June 7th & 8th.
    1. June 7th (Dinner and Networking) will be hosted at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights; and
    2. June 8th will be at the Delta Hotel (9am - 5pm).
  6. Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Rose Dong, seconded by Brody Bell and carried a unanimous vote. The meeting was adjourned at 5:32pm.