Vancouver Island CS Sub Group AGM Minutes of Meeting, November 27, 2018

Location Perro Negro Address: 536 Yates St, Victoria BC V8W 1K8


1.    Curtis Hamilton
2.    James Stuart
3.    Warren Skaalrud
4.    Jeff chow
5.    John Lindsay
6.    Scott McClelland
7.    Alexander Boulay
8.    Jason Reid
9.    Francois Villeneuve
10.    Therese Thomas
11.    Suneil Minhas
12.    Rob Grigor
13.    Sarah Kebede
14.    Johnny Giovanni Marsili
15.    Christina Van Spronsen
16.    Bill Yu
17.    Cody Cools-Lartigue
18.    Deb Wainwright (Retired Members Guild)
19.    Stan Buday (CS President)

Introduction – Agenda presented by Curtis Hamilton

Motion to accept tonight agenda – 1st by James Stuart / 2nd Christina Van Spronsen

PIPSC Event 8 December 2018 – Saturday – Westshore bowling event at Langford lanes for all PIPSC members and their family from 11:30 – 3:30. Food will be provided, and Santa will be there for photo’s. Please PSVP by tomorrow with how many are going to

President’s report presented by Curtis Hamilton

Motion to accept the minutes – 1st by Warren Skaalrud 2nd by Jason Reid

President re-elected Debi Daviau.

Phoenix replacement has been officially announced (Spring 2019)

James Stuart

Treasure Report. Attends on applying for additional funding for special events.

Better Together has essentially doubled our funding for the 2017/2018 year.

Financial report will be emailed to members.

Guest Speaker: Stan Buday (CS)- President / Président (Ontario)


Presentation included, topics such as

  • Contracting Out
  • Phoenix Issues
  • Active Membership and sub-groups - %65 voted on last – 2/3 voted on the last contract.
  • Talked about the importance of Stewarts with the CS community.
  • New Classification Standard being developed and released in 28 April 2018.
  • Bargaining will begin in the spring of 2018, PIPSC looking for short round of bargaining.
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Sick Leave PIPSC is in negotiations with Treasury Board current proposal is located here:  
  • Article 23 Concerning Training and Technological Change

Primary Topic Bargaining:

EWSP Health and Wellness Support Program – Video Online.

Feb 2018 survey sent out to members, 25 percent reply rate.

Contracting out:

Last round, we got some traction on contracting out good language, “Reasonable effort to hire term and in determine before contact out.”

220 Outstanding grievances in according with the current collective language.

Tech Change Language:

Is Windows 7 to Window 10 a change? You have to be trained. The next fight to exercise

Travel Time

March 2017 final throws of bargaining – final 3 days / some language contracting out / some language on Tech Change.

Money 1% market adjustment

Retention and Recruitment – Garner Report indicates there is a huge retention and recruitment issues with the federal province.

Parity with the AFS group (2500 / 3000) CS’s – and auditors - everyone got 2.5 raise

1.5 to start with, market adjustment.

Timeline – bargaining team has meet twice this year.

Jan 9 exchanging

Strategic Bargaining Committee

Meets one every 3 months.

Developed a protocol to bargaining.

Treasure board will bargain like we do.

Central Table

  • Family day
  • Extra days for family leave
  • Extensional on parental leave
  • New language on harassment
  • Essential label

Detailed information can be found at

Targeting Bargaining

IT Generic(s) - IT Classification – move from CS to IT.

Elections: Curtis Hamilton

  • MEMBER AT LARGE Scott McClelland
  • MEMBER AT LARGE John Lindsay

Both members elected.

Debra Wainwright + Jason Reid – motion to close voting.

Movement to close – James Stuart – Francois Villeneuve